June 3, 2011

A change of plans

I have to breathe through my typing about how I am avoiding my calendar right now. The next few months are ridiculous. With good things- all good things! Just busy things. And I just don't do busy. I'm barefoot-long-skirt-hey-man-it's-all-good-not-busy girl. But we've got baseball and theatre for my older boys in separate weeks- separate months actually, and family coming to visit, and mini vacays, and birthdays, and speaking engagements, and concerts, and lots of Chicago, and events. And busy.

After careful consideration, and pleas for my best-roomie to forgive me, I've decided not to go to BlogHer in San Diego this August.

My original plan was to go un-sponsored, paying for everything myself like most people. As the time gets closer for me to book my flight and pony up my part of the hotel room costs, it's just not happening like I'd envisioned. I toyed around with maybe getting a sponsor, especially since Listen To Your Mother is having a party at the conference and stuff, but there were no bites. But I honestly was really mostly looking forward to meeting friends for the first time in person, like Morgan and Desiree. I guess I thought I had to be there.

Then also this week at the Great Gabe Escape fundraiser I won a 3-night family getaway to a river cabin in Michigan, owned by Amanda.

Back to that ::breathe:: calendar. Literally, there are no open 3 whole days before school starts back up. Except for around the time I was to be in San Diego. Jeff had already taken that time off so... not really a hard choice to make after all. I'd rather spend that time with my family pretending we have our own vacation home than at a blogging conference! [I am not the blogger you want to model for how to "make it" in this business.]

Now, no hard feelings, blog conferences. Remember just a couple months ago I up and left the fam for a few days to go to Mom 2.0 in NOLA. And if I did have the money and/maybe sponsor for BlogHer this August I wouldn't be writing this post. I do think it's going to be a fabulous conference. I have a good feeling about it. It will just be missing me. That's all. But I am just a speck on a speck in Internetland. And you can have me for free right here. Virtual hugs for everyone!

Now, who wants to buy my early bird rate BlogHer ticket?  Contact me if you're seriously interested. BusyDad just bought my ticket!


  1. You WILL be missed Steph, but I get it. I just decided to go about a month ago and it's mostly because I do HAVE a sponsor and found an awesome roommate! :)

    Our summer is crazy too - I hear you on the daunting calendar!

  2. Too busy sucks. I am actually happy because our summer isn't OVERbooked. We're active, yes. But not overdone.

    Enjoy your family weekend!

  3. Steph, I hear you. I have gone to BH for the last four years in a row and having a book out this year it's a no-brainer that I should go and yet...I am just so TIRED right now! I think I'd like to take a breather this summer and instead focus on family stuff and fun getaways in my own back yard. Not 100% sure I won't go to BlogHer, but that's where I'm leaning right now.

  4. I understand busy but I think you and the family will really love those 3 days in Michigan. I guess it's a good thing we're so busy we can't make it to IN until near the end of September, hopefully.

  5. Aw, we'll miss you. Enjoy your trip.

  6. So important to step back when you need to luv. I hear that. I'm not doing any conferences for the remainder of this year. xo

  7. i just typed a crazy long, way too serious comment & deleted. well, not way too serious for ever, but for here.

    let's talk about it at the beach instead. barefeet and long skirts.

  8. I always say that when you're heart and mind are playing tug-o-war with a decision, go with your heart. And that's exactly what you are doing, friend. Don't regret it for one second.

    And how awesome about your trip from Katie. God always provides us with exactly what we need (and apparently we may all need a trip to MI...LOL!)

  9. I know how that feels! Our summer has turned into a ton of busy plans.

    However! My family is in Southern California, just a little over 2 hours from San Diego {SD is where Hubby and I meet!} We originally planned to go to BlogHer as a family and then go see my family. But I need a sponsor for the hotel, at the very least {cause it's one room for all of us! no roomies to share the cost with}.

    So for us, we aren't going, but we will be in California during BlogHer anyway to see my family. I will be sitting jealously thinking of all the bloggers just so close to me!

  10. I totally understand and definitely think you are making the right decision. Family should always come first!

    Love you, Steph!

  11. I am a perpetual plan maker-and-breaker. When it gets close to time to do Big Things, I almost ALWAYS choose to not and to stay with my guy.

    And you know what? It's always sweet. :)

    I know that you'll have a beautiful summer- give Chicago my best for me please? ;)

  12. I will miss you, I was looking forward to seeing you again, but I so get it.

    And I am so very glad that Busy Dad was able to get your ticket because now he doesn't have to just stand in the lobby. :)

  13. I SO understand. Sometimes you just have to step back and say no. Good for you for doing what is best for you right now.
    Love you!!!

  14. taking the time you need is most important but... i wanted to hug you! sad trombone for me. ;)

  15. Someday, some way, I'll go to a blogging conference. And if/when I do, I hope to hug your neck.

    (Good on you for listening to your heart/soul/spirit to make your choice!)

  16. You guys are going to have so much fun on your family vacation!!! ( :

  17. No blog sponsors? Those companies are crazy! You are the ideal spokesperson for brands in your unconventional way.

    I hope your summer turns out to be even better than you can expect or hope for. :)


  18. Oh, I'm sorry it didn't work out Steph! I won't be going either this year, as the baby is due 1 week later.

    How about you make a quick trip to Ontario to meet up with Desiree and I? ;) And there is always Blissdom Canada!


  19. I'll miss you. Especially because I wanted to give you the biggest thank you hug ever.


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