June 7, 2011

asher & ivy

I joked with Sarah yesterday that, if Asher and Ivy do marry someday, they might be the first couple that people have been able to watch grow up from the very beginning.


Their friendship is natural, but hasn't always been the kindest (on Ivy's part) (she can be a bit bossy) however as they are growing older they have truly become pals. They ran along next to each other at the park, arms brushing up against one another until they were holding hands, without much thought... later Asher introduced her to someone "this is my best friend Ivy" and it about melted us to the floor.


We could watch them discover and learn and be sweet forever.

asher's hair

And I kinda hope we do.

love hangout


  1. Made me think of - "little diddy 'bout Jack and Diane..." Now I have that song stuck in my head ;)

    I hope they do too. Nothing better than a best friend.

  2. That is just too cute for words! Now, neither of you are allowed to move. EVER.

  3. I love these kids. And their mamas.

  4. how sweet!!
    hugs from Brazil to Ivy and Asher

  5. you are invited to fopllow my blog

  6. Your kids are so cute! I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say hello! kinda new to blogging, and wow! there is a entire world that I had no idea existed!


  7. I love this, but you already know that. I'm so glad you were there to hear him introduce her as his best friend! Idon't think I could have reenacted the cuteness.

  8. My heart is melting! So sweet!

    And thank you for your lovely comment.

  9. Gawwww! Gretchen was chillin' with her little beau today. We LOVE watching them together!

  10. How awesome would that be? They are sweet together!!

  11. *love*

    What a blessing for them. And for you.

  12. so adorable! Ozzie and Ava {my friend's daughter} are like this... they've known each other since birth and even though we are states away from each other now they still talk about each other, talk on the phone and occasionally Skype. It's way to precious!

    quite a thought to think they "might" get married one day. Hmmm.


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