May 23, 2011

up, up, up

make your own bubbles
I totally got this idea from Pinterest; you can see what I did here.

I was thinking today about three things that can turn my day around when I find myself slipping into a slump.
  1. glass of iced coffee + headphones + Pandora + blog reading (technically these go together so they count as one.) (If the kids are napping then this is a banner day.)
  2. Reading a book while the kids play outside (I finally just started The Help)
  3. Leaving the house (I find if I can get us out of the house- even just for a quick trip to Target or for a walk or to the park, I will usually at least make myself (and the kids) look presentable and out of our pajamas and then feel better over-all.)
What's your three things?


    1. Those are TOTALLY my three. In that same order. YES. (except lately Pinterest has replaced blog reading a little bit. I'm bad. It's a phase. Whatever. It still turns my day around.)

      Next post: tell us all your fave Pandora stations at this moment. I get my best recs from you!

    2. I really like Arcade Fire with Broken Social Scene and the seed song is Welcome Home by Radical Face. I've found a lot of new music with this one. Here's the link to the station:


    3. LOVE taking a bath and reading. Even if it is just three pages totally makes me feel 100 times better. Also, chocolate. Also, Icecream and blog reading.

    4. That is a great question. Although...I only can think of two. Writing and listening to music.

    5. About the same! This week it's sweet tea w/ lemon though instead of coffee.

      Loved the Help. I live in the south and it was soooo interesting, probably because it felt foreign (i.e. another time) yet also so, so familiar.

    6. 1. Crocheting while a favorite movie us playing.

      2. Laying in bed late on the weekend in the Spring with the window opening listening to the birds.

      3. Sitting outside after dark in the Summer listening too the cicadas.

      The Help is a wonderful book. Enjoy!!

    7. 1. taking a nap
      2. watching a favorite tv show
      3. playing board games/cards with family and friends

      PS - I LOVE the bubble refill jar!!!

    8. you lured me on with the twitter "what's your three" job well done. LOVE the bubble jar.

      1. nap
      2. being alone+quiet
      3. starbucks
      3.5. chocolate

    9. Well, today it was:

      1. snuggles on the couch
      2. a craft that included sequins
      3. hide-n-seek outside

    10. Your #3 is definitely my #1!

      1. Fresh air once a day.
      2. Hot coffee first thing in the morning.
      3. Phone call with a friend.

    11. What a great question. For me it's kind of an either or situation:

      1. If I start "getting things done" before 8 am, I'll have a better day. Or at least feel that way.


      2. I'll just write off the day totally, tell myself to let the house go off in it's handbasket, and just do nothing with the baby.

      If all else fails

      3. Baby to daycare for an hour or two, and I hit a coffee shop with my iPad.

    12. Mine are VERY similar to yours as well...but lately I'm in that can't-be-controlled-I-am-so-freaking-pregnant-slump...

      so I work on forgiving myself for having very little energy, which you'd think would be easy...but I'm kinda quite hard on me.

      I HAVE to sit out in the sun if it's there though, it just makes it all better.

      And crushed ice with soda. Makes me all bubbly and happy.

      Speaking of bubbles...I'm loving the Pinterest thing. Thank you.

      Now I'll stop...

    13. Mine are very similar!
      Exercise - my 15 minute daily walk
      Go somewhere
      I also love to read a good book to the kids aloud, complete with voices and accents. Fun!

    14. 1. Reading books to the kids (I don't do this enough and it always calms them down).

      2. Reading my own book. Lately I have been going out to the backyard with a chair and a book to soak up the sun (with sunscreen of course) and quiet while the kids are napping. Glorious.

      3. Funny text message exchange with the husband.

    15. I can completely relate to #3! Especially in the winter. And then I feel all guilty when my husband gets home from work and I'm in the same clothes I woke up in. Ugh!

    16. Yes, that last one, totally. I didn't do a very good job of it today.

      Let me know how you like The Help. I loved it!

    17. I love the bubble refill idea! Hope you enjoy The Help; I thought it was very good.

    18. oh, all i see is that bubble jug spilled all over my patio and the boys slipping everywhere. LOL! it's super cute though!

    19. That bubble idea will totally save me much drama at recess! Thank you, thank you for sharing that!

    20. Coffee, talking to G about stressful things (a.k.a. ranting and raving to him over skype), and reading a good book.

      Which, by the way, The Help is awesome! I'm looking forward to the movie. The maid who speaks out too much is being played by the woman that it's said the author was picturing as she wrote the character.

    21. hummm...#1-berries in the summer!
      #2-time to myselfin the sunshine, and #3- a giggle from my little guy. :)

    22. three things?

      1: Bible + notebook for 5 quiet minutes.

      2: Coffee + blog reading and/or writing.

      3: Running. (I'm on week 4 of the Couch to 5K training program, and the endorphins from each running session are worth EVERY BIT of difficulty. Keeps me from punching people. Not that I have a habit of punching people or anything...)

    23. You are going to love that book!!!

      1. blog reading+hot tea

      2. a walk with a good audiobook

      3. a trip to the raw juice bar (by myself)... or really going anywhere alone...even grocery shopping, I can usually re focus on being mom and wife

    24. I'm HOOKED on Pinterest. I've actually been avoiding it because I can "get lost" in there for hours.


    Your comment is gonna totally make my day!

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