May 13, 2011

Totally worth a shout-out

A shout out to Ketchum in Chicago along with Serta (and the Serta Sheep) for a fantastic getaway in Chicago the past two days including a hot stone massage on arrival, breakfast in bed, as well as - how smart is this?- Serta mattresses in every room at the Dana Hotel. Of course there are more good things coming soon from this event for me and one of you. You are not going to believe this one.

An Arsenio hand roll whoop (please say some of you are old enough to know what this is) to my husband for taking half the day off yesterday so I could go be pampered and stuff. (And for his Mom & Dad for taking the two littles to lunch.)

Huge shout-out to my Mom for taking the whole day off today to watch the kids. My hope is to buy her a new Coach purse soon but in the meantime she is going to get my old (but actually kind of new) king size bed thanks/because of that whole Serta thing I mentioned above.

Tasty shout out to summer weather that crept in this week, upon which the very first day we went to the park, filled up the baby pool, and then out for ice cream. (I had one scoop of horchata in a cone. Amazing.)

Long over-due shout out to books. I am finally reading again, and feel like a better writer and better person when I read. So I have been walking aimlessly and alone in the bookstore or library (one of my favorite things to do ever)- tonight I bought NurtureShock. Have you read it? I am making a big list so please send me your recommendations. Pre-emptive shout out to those of you that do.

And last but not least, a shout out to some things I've said on the Internets this week:

The Sunday Night Blues
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Helicopter Parents at the Park
Will life ever slow down?


  1. hot stone massage! sounds lovely. it all sounds lovely, actually. (books? what a luxury....) :)

  2. I look forward to what you think of Nutreshock. I LOVE that book. I missed one of the authors when she came to PNC. Most of what I've been reading lately has been homeschool books, but I've also been reading about boys and school. If you are interested, let me know, and I'll send you some titles.

  3. OMG, I loved Nurture Shock. I've checked it out from the library in town almost 5 times. Such an astonishing and good read!

  4. oh. i need one of each of the above please.

    and molokai. though i can't remember who it's by ... but that book stands out as one that i became totally immersed in. like it felt weird to put it down and be living my life in mn with three kids ... and not on some beautiful island in hawaii as the main character. as soon as it was finished i wanted to read it again.

    maybe that should be my goal for the summer?

  5. Oh your lucky mom having a chance to look after the fab four!!! And I say take a break you parent all the time... enough of the parenting books already, read a novel: The Help was great, I think you would like it too... slow lilting words yet the story is nothing but slow... two rhythms in one - lovely!!!

  6. My book blog is in need of am update, but I've got some good ones listed here:

  7. This may seem funny but my 3 year old son, Sam is sitting on my lap as I read your post this morning and he has 2 questions ...

    1. (pointing to Ivy) Does her ice cream cone have gluten?

    2. (again, pointing to Ivy) Does that little girl eat gluten?

    I explained to him that I did not know and he insisted that I tell him! You may have guessed, he has a gluten intolerance so he asks about it a lot. I told him I would ask her mom!

  8. I agree - I'm a much better writer when I'm reading. Please do pass along any recommendations for books that touch your heart and/or inspire your mind.

  9. So wonderful to see you!!!!

  10. I am a new follower and am trying to catch up on your blog! I was drawn to your blog by the title but have found I love so many of your posts already!!

  11. Love talking books (can definitely talk books all day long)--fiction recommendations--->
    Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet - excellent, right from the beginning.
    The Good Daughter - took a little while to get into, but wound up being great.
    Water for Elephants
    Sarah's Key

  12. SO happy to meet you last week! Still dreaming about those iComfort beds!!!!

  13. what, horchata ice cream...where, where? Is it at Valpo Velvet? do tell, my hubby is an horchata addict and would just die if he had some in ice cream form!

  14. If you haven't read it yet, Barbara Kingsolver's Animal, Vegetable, Miracle is one of my favorites!


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