May 31, 2011

tiny sock people

I just found this video Gray made on my phone with the Sock Puppets app.
Oh you can not deny that his voice is the sweetest.

It felt like I spent most of my weekend cooking or driving my gaggle of family everywhere. So I am glad to absolutely chill out today. I've already painted my nails (fingers and toes) (nude and  violet), bought a new album (Foster The People- it will cheer you up) and after I do the dishes and get a ton of laundry going, I plan to knit for the rest of whatever is left of my day. Maybe even walk the beach later, if it doesn't rain or tornado. I wouldn't even mind a healthy thunderstorm. Nothing mean-like, we'll just see what this day brings.


  1. have that sort of imagination :) And...Foster the People...good choice :)

  2. how cute! If I didn't have a dental appt and hair cut after work, I would meet you on the beach and walk with you. You cracked me up "gaggle".

  3. That is SO adorable. I love it.

    Today has been a nice slow day around here too.

    Although yesterday was too. I love these kinds of days.

    Welcome summer! :)

  4. Oh good lands. He is adorable!

  5. "i want to see it again." - emma

    gray has a new admirer


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