May 18, 2011

soul beats bones

[Yesterday was French day.]

My feet up, stretched legs out on the ottoman, and there was Gray.

He should have been in bed but he held up a book, and he really wanted me to read to him. I promised in the morning. My soul wanted to, right now. But my bones, and my mind, did not.

And truth-fully? I knew even then that in the morning I'd probably feel the same.

So I sent him back to bed, saying that if he's still awake when I come up I'll read it to him. Knowing he would [hopefully] be asleep when I came up.

I'm just another tired mother.

I tell it to myself, to make it all better.

The book he wanted to read, Are You My Mother?

Do I want my baby birds to know just another tired mother as their mother?

We read the book.

originally posted May 2010 but I'm feeling this very same meh today.


  1. yes my friend, I feel the same...similar story here.

    Praying rest for you!


  2. you do your kids a wonderful service by admitting to be tired, human, and then pushing through it to be better out of love. <3 role model.

  3. I think those are the moments that make motherhood look effortless in a child's eyes. They just don't see the sacrifice of comfort, exhaustion, to love your children. But it's the thing that makes them feel safe, that makes them think they can come to you whenever they want/need to and you'll be there for them. That's what unconditional love is, too, it's not conditional on your own ability. You're a great mom!

  4. Just one of the many reasons you are an awesome mom!

  5. Aw, of course you did. :) Tired or not, I do the same. Then I just blog about being tired! You're a fabulous mommy.

  6. I get this. Just tonight I told him I was too tired to make up a story at bedtime. Too tired to *count out loud to 200*. How lame am I? I get the tired.

    I love the title of this post. What a goal to live by.


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