May 25, 2011

Small Style: strike a pose

small style pose

This goof directs most of our photo shoots, if you can't tell. Take a picture of me taking a nap!* Oft times I don't even have the camera near, so I make a rectangle-shape with my fingers and sound a "chhck". It usually works.

small style shirin

This week's small style....

tank: shirin via the mini social
jeans: tea collection (use code MSALE20 for an extra 20% off sale prices, ends 5/30)

Linking up with the weekly Small Style at Mama Loves Papa.

*Take a picture of yourself "taking a nap" on a Serta iComfort mattress now through 5/30 and you could win one! A couple weeks back I went to the Serta headquarters and picked out my new bed (I chose the "Genius" style [king size, adjustable, with massager ohhhhh yes] -with four to choose from, which one would you want?) Contest details here.

Can I just say how scared I was to take down our current bed? Because I was terrified of what I might find underneath it. I honestly was certain there had to be a family of racoons or a huge spider nest or worse- bed bugs- but thankfully all I found was shoes I forgot I owned, Lego guy arms and lightsabers, and -how awesome is this?- an unopened King mattress protector.

And also, in case you are curious about my thought process for this post, I actually blogged just as usual for small style, including Ivy asking me to take a picture of her napping. And then after I saved that to drafts I found out my Serta mattress was getting delivered and they were having the whole contest this weekend and I was like, hey, I can work that into this post. So there you go.

Oh, be sure to subscribe to my blog & follow me on twitter - you don't want to miss another chance to win when I'll be giving away an iComfort bed of your choice (yes that includes the adjustable with massager if you want), soon! But- then you'll have to clean underneath your bed, so...

Also, the important legal disclosure stuff: Serta is delivering an iComfort Genius bed to my house today! and they paid for my travel, hotel, and hot stone massage ahhhhhhh when I visited their headquarters in Chicago two weeks ago, and they are also giving me a stipend for tax purposes (awesome.) The words I've said here are my own- thankfully!- and have not been changed or altered or even requested to be posted.


  1. I love that Ivy is all about the photo shoots. How fun!
    And, lucky! New bed, I need a new mattress.....

  2. Love love LOVE the tee. And BTW, how do you find Tea Collection for jeans? I've been buying all my daughter's jeans at Baby Gap. Tea = Better?

  3. I find that I like the quality of Tea better, and waist-wise they fit Ivy the best! :)


  4. I'm going to be sitting in the front row when Ivy walks the runway some day. What a blessing to have such an awesome bed delivered today.

  5. What a treat to have had that trip and to get a new bed!!! So glad for you. Sounds refreshing and fun. xo

  6. A new bed, how exciting!!

    And Ivy looks so sweet in her photo shoot.

  7. Ivy is such a hoot! Love her sweet personality (and her adorable outfit!).

    Your new bed sounds amazing!

  8. Oh, and I might just have to use that Tea Collection code. So much cute stuff!

  9. so so cute!!
    Thanks for the discount code ;) just a reason to shop!

  10. Oh, how exciting! A new bed! Sounds like a fun trip! Your photos are adorable.

  11. I am sure your new bed will be way more comfortable than that step!

    She is a cutie - I love her style.

  12. Lucky you! I really need a new matress!
    Ivy it's so fun, her smile is so sweet, she's a little fashionista!

  13. I love her poses. :)

    And - I'm glad you're getting a new bed. Good beds can make a world of difference when it comes to sleep.


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