May 12, 2011

Small Style: coming and going


The slow-down that I expected to come this week has not arrived. Everyone and everything else has. There is always someone to watch for out the window, always someone coming and someone going.

I'm going again, but hoping that while I'm away maybe I can work on making the slow-ness follow. And lay its head down, stay for awhile.

There is busy in the harvest, and I can't complain about the awesome things going on for us lately. With all the happenings I want for only more time to stop and say thanks.

sister + brother

This week's small style....

[on ivy]
dress: matilda jane
tank: misha lulu
pants: chatti patti via zulily

[on carter]
tee: mini boden
pants: old navy

Linking up with the lovely as always Mama Loves Papa Small Style carnivale.

(Due to a Blogger error the other day comments were lost. Boo.)


  1. do you know how much i love reading your posts and being able to put a real face to it? it's totally awesome.

    anyway, i love all things going on for you right now and how you talk about the harvest. this is your season, girl. let it grow.

  2. Love this dress. Sweet photos too!

  3. Steph- hear you on the need to slow down but just. can't. We had graduation for three siblings last weekend (one SIL), grandparents here, parents here, Mother's Day, our 9th anniversary (yesterday), and Andy's 30th birthday (today). I'm thinkin I'm gonna crash tomorrow and not lift a pinkie.

  4. Love Ivy's dress,want it in m size :)
    nice pics.
    Coming and going this week too, so much to do and not enough time!!!

  5. I love the dress :) jess is wearing Matilda Jane too.
    Wonderful photos!

  6. Love that dress!

    Hope you get some of that slow down time soon.

  7. This is the first glimpse I've really seen of Ivy's new haircut...and I adore it!

    And that dress? As unique and colorful as she is.


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