May 18, 2011

Small Style: Click


Oh, this girl. The other day all she wanted to play with was a baggie of plastic forks. And I found them abandoned in her doll house so I put them in a kitchen drawer and she was like, WAHHHHHERE ARE MY FORKS?! and I gave them back to her and she was happy.


dress: misha lulu
belt- target
leggings- target

no way


Also, I never do this, but it does somewhat have to do with style... my new friend Erin blogs at Design For Mankind and she's giving away an iPad 2 and so, I couldn't resist linking and entering. She drove a long way to attend my Listen To Your Mother show. I think that's pretty rad.

As always, linking up with Small Style at the awesome Mama Loves Papa.


  1. Forks! Ha! Its lovely to see what small things can amuse little ones. It must be so cool to see what things amuse Ivy and what she's interested in - she's growing into such a little person.

  2. Ivy wins best dresser of the universe.

    Forks RULE!

  3. Your little lady is too cute for words! And so hip!

  4. ok. a) i love how ivy scrunches her nose when she smiles b) i'm obsessed with that color of yellow she has on c) i think i told you this before, but erin is my husband's cousin. :) (and isn't erin the cutest thing ever?! besides ivy, audrey, and naomi of course!)

  5. it's always the non-toy things they like the best, isn't it?
    love her small style!

  6. Oh now I have to hunt down that Misha Lulu Camera dress.. Adorable!

  7. Ivy your small style definetly rocks!!!
    Love this little girl style and smile!

  8. She is looking so much like you at that age. What's with the forks? But that's our Ivy.

  9. what a cutie! love her style

  10. Could that outfit be any more stylish and adorable? No, I don't think so. Serious fashionista!

    I love that she wanted a bag of plastic forks to play with. Classic. :)

  11. Oh that dress is so cute! She looks like she's having so much fun!

  12. It really angers me that some of Ivy's dresses don't come in my size.






  13. Love the outfit, that belt is just perfect!
    I also love your small ones need for forks. My #4 baby is obsessed with spoons and soup ladles at the moment. I am sick of having to explain to random strangers why she is hugging a soup ladle in the supermarket checkout line. She like the ladle okay - end of story!

  14. I can't believe that BIG GIRL is Ivy!! I love how you dress her. I buy separates for Kaitlyn because she changes her clothes 3 or 4 times a day because it's "fun".

  15. this dress is fabulous. i totally love it!
    great colours and stripes :)

  16. Ivy has more style in her pinkie than I do in my entire body!

  17. What punkinmama said. :)

    She really is adorable!


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