May 16, 2011

one small favor


A beautiful and giving young friend of mine has- in a whirlwind of events spanning less than one month- found out she has breast cancer. She goes in for surgery this week and I would love for you to send good thoughts, encouragement, hope, and prayers her way. If you can leave her a comment on her blog, that would be fabulous and of course there's not much a simple blog comment is going to do to change a person's life today but even if it makes her smile just a little bit bigger, makes her feel a little bit warm and fuzzier, even if it makes her feel that much more special and loved... how sweet is that?

And maybe in her honor think of one more person you can bless with your words via email, facebook, face-to-face, a hand written letter, or blog commenting today.

May we make this journey a little lighter for you, Brandie. I am lifting you up today. 

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