May 15, 2011

Home Improvement


Yesterday was an unusually awesome and productive day. I am sure I could go back in my archives to pinpoint the exact date that we "started" the project of our playroom renovation but I am going to be kind to myself and not do that. (Rough guess is that it was well over one year ago.) We have had Ikea storage furniture thingies and even paint- yes, paint and primer and all the extras stored in the downstairs bathtub for a long time now but have yet to really get a move on.

But you know, I'm tired. There is just so much other stuff to do, like sleep and shuffling along making it to the next day. Whatever the case, many many months later, we finally made the biggest step by setting up Noah's bed (because in all that time we decided to switch up the rooms in our house and it's now going to be Noah's room. So, it's probably good we didn't paint and stuff. Procrastination for the win.) I've got piles of toys to donate- whittling down even their favorites so that we still have their favorite things to play with, only less of them. Does Gray really need two hundred plastic dinosaurs in every size? Maybe twenty will do. We also came to the awesome conclusion that in no way not ever no how will another fast food crap toy or prize enter this home.

I did all of this cleaning/purging with all four kids very eager to help meaning they played with everything I bagged up to give away and then would put it back in the room I was trying to clear it from. Yes, like herding cats but really like herding cats while you're trying to clean and purge a room filled with catnip inside all their awesome toys about to be given away.

Ivy was quite helpful and I'm actually super glad she got out her toy Dyson to help clean up (it doesn't really work but somehow had half a cup of golden raisins inside of it.) OMG.

Today I am taking Noah to pick out his new bedding and then we will be even closer to the big bed-move-makeover. He will be in his new room, Carter & Gray will take over the bunk beds and Ivy will join them in Gray's old firetruck bed (which will from now on be called my Princess Hello Kitty Firetruck bed) and Jeff and I will be back to having a room to ourselves. Maybe he'll actually come to bed now instead of couching it. (Ah, the little known inside facts (for many) about co-sleeping.)

It's a good thing. It's just one room but I am hoping it really is a spark to me finally getting my house-life-family like I want it, or just how it should be in my head.


  1. Yay for you! We are whittling down the toys each and every day too and trying to find places for all our little people and all their little things!

  2. Thanks for keeping it real. Tim sleeps on a single bed in our RV, while I sleep with the girls in a queen. It works for us for now!

  3. You wrote my post!!! We stopped fast food on account of the toys about five years ago and I still find the little bits and bobs everywhere... now I am on a soft toy war ... slowly but surely I am whittling away the landfill of stuffies... Imagine the whole thing times 8.... My secret tip to getting rid of stuff... I should blog this!!!... rearrange the containers, making them smaller and smaller. "Gosh this stuff just doesn't fit anymore we will have to get rid of something!!!"

    As for bed shuffling whahhhwaaahhhwaaahh!!!! It has been really cold over here and the other night I got up for suffocation to discover TEN in the bed!!! The couch was pure joy!!!

    Can you tell I am not blogging, just wandering around commenting on everyone else's!!!

  4. the hearding cats while you steal their catnip thing. oh yes.

  5. I think quite a few of those toy vacuums actually work. LOL.

    I soooooo feel you on the too-many-things-you-want-to-do-but-I'm-just-so-tired. I'm thinkin' my house will be just like I want it and either the kids will be leaving for college or we'll be moving. Such is life.

  6. Oh, good luck! I love purging the toys and clothes and crap and stuff.

    Also, our co-sleeping secret includes sleeping on the couch. Or in the kids beds with them. At this point, I would sleep in the bathtub if they would just GO TO BED.

  7. ...'my Princess Hello Kitty Firetruck bed'.

    Well, that just made my day! =)

  8. While I'm the biggest procrastinator when it comes to starting a big cleaning/organizing project, I'm a huge fan of the process once it's going, and certainly the result! I bet you'll discover a newfound enjoyment of your house. When we purged the clutter and rearranged the use of the rooms in order to put our house on the market, we couldn't believe how much more we loved our new-and-improved house. :)

    and yay for having a hubby in bed to snuggle with. :) Good luck with the transitions!

    xoxo e.

  9. How exciting for Noah! And Ivy's bed sounds awesome....I want a firetruck bed!

    Sometimes procrastination works out for the best.

  10. Sigh. I so wish I had more than TWO SECONDS to do anything but laundry and dishes (and reading the occasional blog, natch). We've got lots of lovely paint and shelves in our basement, too, and lots of empty surfaces upon which to use them, but with baby boy due in a month, toddler feeling ever so slightly clingy, AND working full time, sometimes things just don't happen.

    My current strategy is the One-Room-at-a-Time method. At this rate we'll be done in about 23.7 years.

  11. Are you still going to paint it that pretty blue? I remember when you started! That is just too funny; somehow time passed too quickly for both of us-I'll blame clocks or time warps or something :)

    Anyways, huge congrats on getting that done! I still want to start the purging, but any time I have the time I opt to sleep....:)

  12. Just don't ever tell your kids how awesome your new bed is. Because they'll be back. Oh yes, they will be back.

  13. Oh it feels so good to get some of the day-to-day things organized. Go, Mama, go! I organized our "junk" drawer the other day, and I am telling you it did wonderful things for my I suddenly had everything under control again. Obviously not the case, but whatever. It's all about perspective, right?! ;)

  14. You just totally described how it is over here. With projects and all kinds of things, like how the boys take things out like they're so exciting when I'm purging toys.

    And Asher just tooted and he said "I just sounded like a scorpion with that toot."

    Now they've both said butt and poop about sixteen times in five seconds.

    Just so you know.

  15. We've been working on moving Bekah downstairs for over 2 months. She actually moved herself downstairs 7 months ago! I'm pretty sure she's sick of sleeping on an air mattress. We too have a garage FULL of all new IKEA furniture. The hold up is me finishing the painting. Then the carpet can be installed. Then the new sofa delivered. Crazy...ALL the stuff is paid for and the finished room hinges on the fact that after work and dinner and errands I'm just too tired to paint. Sigh. Good luck!

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