May 29, 2011


Yesterday Jeff took the boys golfing, so it was just Ivy and me. Having a daughter is still like a present to open every day. I never knew how much fun it would be to have a built-in girl friend but it's kind of like that.

The weather was pretty gross so we nixed the farmer's market and art fair I'd wanted to drive to and just went grocery shopping for all the cooking and baking I needed to do for our Memorial Day parties. (You can see all the delicious things I've been cooking up all weekend here.)

We pal-led around and then she helped me in the kitchen. One of her favorite "jobs" is to shake a jar of sprinkles into a bowl, if for no other purpose than keeping her busy, thinking she's helping, and happy. She did crush the graham crackers for the cheesecake stuffed strawberries and looooved that.

We were having family over for dinner and I was cleaning house, finding myself thankful for my paint- and crayon-stained dining table that I wasn't even going to bother covering up with a table cloth or place mats. I prefer the artistic character. I'm kind of proud of it. We are a family of messes. Good messes.


  1. beautiful messes. here too. enjoy your family-weekend!

  2. I love a good kid used table as well. It tells of creativity and fun messes that were had.
    My dad says that " when a kid breaks something, it's like it was broken by the wind. not something to get upset about." i like that.
    Enjoy your table and keep it forever.

  3. OH my GOODness! I'm totally making those stuffed strawberries in the VERY near future :) Thanks for sharing!!!

  4. We have exactly a table like that and I just never want to cover it up... we had a table cloth before kids but it is long gone, used for a fort!!! But I so preserve the paint, crayons, glitter... and the table is never quite the same two days running - no matter how clean it is!!!

  5. the present opening? i said that exact thing to my husband about our girls the other day(we have two girls , one nine and one 6 months, and two boys)

  6. I am SO gonna use that... family of messes. Totally us. I never even wear bare feet in my house because I can't stand the constant stepping in crumbs, which are inevitable no matter how much I sweep or vacuum. And the art box stays out on the table so our dining room is usually strewn with paper and crayons. Actually I should say bits of paper and bits of crayons. ;)

  7. I'm beginning to feel that way about our table too. It's character, right? :-)

    Have a great day tomorrow!

  8. sounds like a lovely day with just the girls. I totally have the cheesecake stuffed strawberries pinned on pinterest, just haven't had the opportunity to try them yet.

  9. I feel the same way about my girls! They're built-in friends. I love them more every day.


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