May 7, 2011

Breaking a leg

good luck
handmade card given to me by hubs, with a bracelet to wear for my show

It's here, I wish I had more to say, but I'm losing my voice (literally) so I'm going to say fewer words today if I can. I have a whole lot to say tonight! There are only 65 tickets left for Listen To Your Mother tonight. How awesome if we sell out, but I will be crushed if I have to turn anyone away.

I feel an amazing calm.

I am proud of June, Heather, Meagan, Adam, Love, Suzy, Sharon, Liz, Kate, Megan, Patrick, and myself.

made by Ellie at Shining Stones

I am so thankful for the path that brought Ann into my life and me into hers. Listen To Your Mother is not just our stories, it's your stories, it's the stories yet to be told. If you have written a piece that you would have loved to read in one of the Listen To Your Mother shows, there's a link up here. I'll be writing and linking up tomorrow, too. I'd love to read yours.


  1. Good Luck Steph! I'm sure everyone will do a wonderful job :)

  2. For me to say I'm proud of you makes me sound like *your* mother. ;) I will tell you that I'm proud for you. I'm excited for you. I love that you are achieving a dream. You're an amazing woman.

  3. So so grateful for you and all you've done.

    I remember you watching the show while cleaning out your closet last year. From one little email to this HUGE SUCCESS STORY.

    Oh, and you will sell out.

    Thank Hubs for me. What a guy!

    Huge hugs and ENJOY EVERY MOMENT!!

  4. SO proud of you Steph and how incredibly sweet of your hubby!

  5. What a thoughtful gift! :) Good luck!!

  6. oh I wish I could be there ...but it's quite far far away from here :(

    but good luck! I'm sure it will be awesome :)

  7. oh--you were serious this morning about losing your voice!

    [proud of you!]

  8. Love the card and bracelet charm. How sweet of Jeff. It's finally almost here and I can't wait. So proud of you! Love, mom

  9. I know this is going to be life changing for you - I can feel it.

    ((((HUGS)))) and good luck!

  10. Congrats. What a wonderful accomplishment.

    Happy Mother's day.

  11. you're awesome! I'm sure you are going to rock tonight!



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