April 1, 2011

Telling stories about telling stories

I am a ball of nervy nerves. I hate to admit it, I do. Last night I apologized to Jeff for being so anxious about all that needs to be done for Listen To Your Mother - and I didn't want him to think I had any regrets or anything, nor did I want him to think I should shuddup because I brought this all on myself. He doesn't think any of those things.

I don't know how to neatly wrap an example in words but I have judged others in the past for similar stuff. As I am in the midst of all of this- pursuing something that means a lot to me- I need to let out some stress. And I need to get over the fact that some people will think, duh, you did this to yourself.  Tune me out if you need to. But I'm trucking on. And sometimes lying on my back, hand thrown upon my forehead, whining. But I'm on my way.

(How this production and all it involves is so similar to motherhood, among other things, as a whole is uncanny.)

So, I am asked over and over and over and over and over again about the show. What is it about? How did you get involved?

There's a story about its story. And I tell it. Over and over. I used to be kind of embarrassed and light about it. But each time I tell it it's like building my muscles; I am Rockstar about it now. And I might even be so bold to just tell people: Buy a ticket. You'll get "it". Stories: tell them over and over, grow stronger, they build muscles.

Fist pump.

There is some awesome news today about the Listen To Your Mother's national sponsor: BlogHer. Wow this is big. I feel so much confirmation for getting my BlogHer ticket already. I'm excited to also have an incredible local sponsor for my show- Albert's Jewelers. And of course, in case you didn't catch it, tickets are on sale (and selling fast!) now.


  1. I'm so proud of you, steph.

    I feel what you wrote here about having a "big" family. Like if I even hinted at some of the hard parts, that I'm not allowed to because "I chose this."

    It is a hard mix then to be my normal optimistic self, mixed with the real logistics of a soon-to-be family of nine, mixed with the sometimes [always?] selfish person I have to fight not to be.

    Anyway, I get you. And I hope it feels somewhat better just to get it out.

  2. Funny: even before your parenthetical remark, I was thinking, "How just like motherhood!) When we're sleep-deprived, wondering if we're making the right choices, stressed out, uncertain... yes, we decided to become mothers. And YES, it's okay to be stressy and nervy and all that stuff because it's HARD. But we know that what we are building is worth it. More than worth it.

    I'm so excited for you!!!!

  3. Everyone needs to let some stress out if they are doing something worth doing! Of course you're going to need to do that. Just because you signed up for it doesn't mean you HAVE to love every minute. It just means it might help to love what you're working for. And I think you do.
    And I so wish I lived much closer than Pennsylvania- I want to see your show!

  4. Wow, that's awesome, Steph! I have to go buy my ticket before they sell out :)

  5. Way to go! Keep trucking, I think you were made for something like this.

    It will be smashing!


  6. I so wish that I could be there with you to celebrate this wonderful time in your life! (Please know I'm there in heart and spirit!)

  7. I've always believed in your Rockstar status. Go girl! And let out the stress here if you need to. We're here listening...

  8. I can't wait to hear your after post, because you are going to be REELING with joy.

    Keep breathing!


  9. I think it's incredible that you are making this dream into a reality.

    After the dishes were done and the chores in my life were halfway in process and my hubby and toddler were fast asleep, I gifted myself with 90 minutes of bliss - watching Ann Imig's production that you included. It encouraged my soul in so many ways. Thank you for posting it, and thank you for doing the same in your area so that other multitudes of mamas can find the hope and encouragement that they need just like I did tonight.

    Is this where it's time to say "break a leg"? =)

  10. You feel angst and anxiety sometimes because you should. heh. I mean, I think it's good even though it doesn't feel good. It's good because it means you're DOING it. You're LIVING. You're following a thing that's been in you since you were a little girl and it's so beautiful, Steph. The pains mean you're working and striving and I totally and completely respect you.

    Rock on with your bad self. :)

  11. I wanted to say what Heather of the EO said, but she said it better. So I'll just say, "Ditto."

  12. You're such an inspiration. Nervy nerves and all.

    Also, I really hope to meet you at BlogHer this year.

  13. I can only imagine that this is a lot of work and stress for you.

    But I love that you're doing it. I find it incredibly inspiring, actually. :)

  14. So awesome! You are a blessing and have been blessed! This is going how it should and all will be well!


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