April 9, 2011

Sometimes I Fall

Last night was the first table reading with my Listen To Your Mother cast. I had been looking forward to this night for so long, pretty much since auditions. I couldn't wait to hear them read their pieces again, and even better now have others hear them, too. Somehow it was even better than the first time.

We were able to meet in a private room at Uptown Cafe (my favorite.) (Also, they have been so good to me!) It was strange when it was time to leave. Like, I didn't want to open the door and release the spirit flowing in there, just between us. But how exciting that we are going to fill a huge theatre with that spirit, with our stories.

I just can't wait for Ann to hear who I've chosen, and then I can't wait for you all to hear them, too. Hoping video won't take too long to be put online. Because I just think you will be blown away. Seriously, after each person would read, the next reader didn't want to follow! This whole time I've been trying to think of a way I won't have to read because honestly? I have nothing on these talented writers. And most of them aren't even "writers". That's it.

That is it. And I love it.

I don't even feel worthy to be on stage with them. But I guess being the producer and director people will understand and make an exception, right? Right.

How is it I get to be doing this right now? Somewhere along the lines I said a small yes to something that has SNOWBALLED into this HUGE YES. Every step of the way something has been provided, worked out, confirming that this is meant to be.


Also, it's too late anyway, the show must and will go on even if it was a no. But it's a yes.

P.S. As we were leaving Uptown and headed to our cars together, I remembered I had to run back in to do something. I turned and tripped full force on the sidewalk/curb, hurdling myself into a grated railing. And, as I tried to catch myself on that railing, my arms went THROUGH the slats in the rails. OMG. Like, you can't even make this stuff up. I just sat there in a crumple on the sidewalk. In front of my cast. We just had this awesome moment together, and then they watch me make the most graceful of exits. Urgh.

P.P.S. Today is going to be a good day. I am going to clean the kitchen and try on clothes for NOLA. Heather heard about my trip and brought a whole bag of jazzy things to the table reading for me to borrow! Jeff's golfing this morning, Jimi Thing is on Pandora, I'm about to make a latte-with-an-extra-shot drive, and tonight we get to have dinner at Crofton's.

[In the meantime I am so sore. I only scraped up and bruised my knees and shoulder. And dignity. Eh. Sometimes I fall. And sometimes I don't. And most of the times I am just bumbling around somewhere in between]


  1. You are a beautiful and honest writer. I just keep thinking how can I get there that day to see it. I will wait hopeful for a video.

    Have a great day...I am planning the same good day full of cleaning and getting things done at home.


  2. Oh thank you, Jen! You have an awesome day, too.


  3. Oh I love this. Not that you fell, I don't love that, but everything else.

    I wish I could come to your show. I wish I could go to the show we're having in Austin, but I think I will either be in labor or have a VERY wee little babe.

    Go get some shoes with Sass for NOLA and eat at Mother's while you are there. Jeremy and Emma and I went to NOLA when Emma was 7 months old. We ate at Mother's and it was AMAZING!!! The best food EVER! Oh and benigets at Cafe Du Monde...YUM!!! Eat lots for me ;)

  4. Everybody falls. It's the getting up that's important. ;)

  5. And most of them aren't even "writers". That's it.

    That is it. And I love it.

    YES. And also what Jen said. Have a FANTASTIC time in NOLA.


  6. Bumbling around WITH you, trust me. :-)

  7. Seriously, you need to get a massage because that fall put you out of alignment. Plus you deserve to get a massage!!! You will feel sooo much better.

  8. me too with the bumbling...we should maybe start a club. we'll meet somewhere with padded walls and stashes of giant band-aids.

    ps i love it when a little willingness turns into a huge yes. this thing y'all are doing? is all kinds of awesome.

  9. You inspire me...even when you fall. Wish I would have auditioned for LTYM: LA, but I was scared to fall. :)

    Have so very much fun in NOLA.

  10. Everyone has a story, don't they? And sitting around the LTYM table in rehearsals here in Madison it hit me again -- every single person out there on the street and in our lives -- they *all* have a story. Stories. If only we would listen to each other more often...how much more compassionate the world would be if we all told stories.

  11. p.s. i hope you heal up quickly! (body and spirit!) I am totally a bumbler and could tell you stories about falling on my FACE in front of people. On more than one occasion. xoxo as my dad used to say -- chin up, kiddo.

  12. I think we're all just kind of bumbling around. But I kind of like it...it keeps thing interesting. :-)

  13. Wow, Steph! You are lucky you didn't break your arms.


    That's life though, isn't it? From the sublime and beautiful to spectacular faceplants, all in a span of minutes.

  14. i thought i was the only one that fell and flew through the air like a drunken trapeze artist in front of people that you don't want to see! thank goodness i'm not :) and, i'm emailing you because i want to send you something, actually a lot of things, and i was wondering how you'd feel about it. i'm so excited for you, steph. your production of LTYM is going to be THE BEST. if there's anyone that needs to be up there, it's you.

  15. Oh honey! Take care of yourself! I'm glad you are okay though!

    And YAY for having a good day. This morning, I've had to repeat it to myself about 20 times, but I, too, will have a good day.

  16. Your falling story made me laugh! I love how perfectly human you are. I've done that kind of thing a hundred times. :)



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