April 14, 2011

Small Style: Up and Away!

I am off to NOLA! I should arrive airplane to airplane to taxi at the Ritz late this afternoon and will be slipping into my party dress as the festivities start tonight. (Thanks go again to Sakura Bloom for being such an awesome fairygodsponsor to me.)

Pray I make it to the airport in time! And that I make all my flight changes! And that the kids have the best time apart from me for a couple days! (Keeping it real, I think we all need it.)


Small Style- On Ivy: French tee & Balloon skirt from Misha Lulu's new spring 2011 Paris line (ooh la la!) and Kenya shorts from the Africa collection.

Linking up with the official Small Style at Mama Loves Papa as always.


  1. Pretty Ivy!

    Good luck to you!

    hugs from Brazil

  2. Love that skirt! Ivy looks adorable, as usual.

    Have a FAB time away. It's so fun for me to hear all the buzz about these bloggy conferences via my fave blogs and twitter feed. Its almost like being there. Almost.

  3. Enjoy your much needed break. Ivy's outfit is adorable!

  4. Oh, she's cute!

    Have a lovely time...


  5. I so have my eye on Misha Lulu's new collection.

    The ooh-la-la-ness of it all is a NEED of mine....

    Have so much fun on your trip--you are very much loved.


  6. Praying that everything goes smoothly and everyone has a great time (I know it will and you all will!). Have so much fun, Steph! I want to hear all about it when you're back and I REALLY want to see pictures of this party dress!

    Oh Ivy, I've never met you, but I'm in love with you! She is oozing with sweet and cute! :) Love that red balloon! I've been wanting to do family pictures with balloons for awhile, but I wasn't sure how well Finley and Silas would hold on to them. Maybe I should just give it a shot? Love the new Misha Lulu skirt and the whole new line.

  7. ah, miss ivy is so, SO sweet!

    happy travels, friend!


  8. Have a great trip!!!! She is the cutest !!!!

  9. Love her outfit! She is growing up too fast.

    Enjoy your time away!

    Safe travels, Steph!


  10. Small style! So cute and lovely...

  11. Love that outfit. She is the picture of style...just like her mama!

    Did you have fun in NOLA? I hope so! I'll come back later to read all about it. For now, I'm taking a break to take the girls on a nature walk...



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