April 20, 2011

Small Style: The Mr. Sun, where did you go? Edition

mr. sun?

I left lovely WARM New Orleans for this? It's cold and rainy here every single day with only clouds up ahead in the next week's forecast + beyond. At least we have umbrellas and wellies. And tap shoes.

I've got a big meeting with my show's major (local) sponsor Albert's Jewelers this afternoon and we're setting things in stone and print and paper and wow did you know it's only like, two weeks and two days away?

My boys are so proud, taking my post cards to their teachers. Seeing my posters hanging around town. This is amazing. This is a whole other kind of sunlight.


On Ivy for this week's Small Style:

mr. sun dress: misha lulu [psst there's a fab misha lulu interview & giveaway at modern kiddo this week.] 
re-purposed pants: tag you "r" it via etsy
tap shoes: hand-me-downs

Linking up with Mama Loves Papa's genius Small Style as always.


  1. I think that Ivy is just darling! My Kyleigh dresses very similar and I find it so much fun! Although, I am going to have to figure out more about Misha Lulu. We don't have anything from her. Fun!


  2. Would you look at your darling daughter!!! Her and her umbrolly are so so worth a photo shoot!!!!!!

  3. Ivy makes me know its time for more Misha Lulu to be in my life ;)

    LOVE her happy outfit <3



  4. Uncle Al! (That's what we call Albert's, we were there so often.) We had a horrible experience with a sales woman there when we bought my engagement ring and Josh made everything right. He's the only person I'll talk to. Ha.

  5. Love Love Love Ivy's outfit...She wanted to wear those tap shoes when I took her to the Easter egg hunt on Saturday.

  6. SO CUTE! I'm excited for another week of Small Style, but G's at daycare and OF COURSE I forgot to take photos of her this morning before we left. Also, would you believe I had to send a snowsuit to daycare this morning? OH Canada...

  7. How stinkin' adorable!!

    My postcards are supposed to arrive today - can't wait to hand them out to, you know, EVERYONE!

  8. very cute outfit!!!
    when I am back from my holidays I have to check out your blog much better, I am a big baby wearing fan!

  9. Ivy looks adorable, she's a cutie!
    and well I think that all here loves misha lulu! :)


  10. I hope the sun comes out soon for you all!!

    Even with the rain Ivy still manages to look adorable! :) Yay for Misha Lulu!

    I love love love that your boys are so proud of you. (As they should be). That has to be the sweetest thing ever!

  11. Someday, I wanna go shopping with Ivy. Or her mom, whatever. :)

  12. What a cutie! Thanks so much for linking my etsy shop. So glad you like the leggings!!

  13. ivy's outfit and her beautiful face gave me much joy today. but she always does that.

  14. Everything about this outfit is totally adorable. This girl sure knows how to accessorise!

  15. As always, she is a cutie!!!

  16. I echo your feelings re. wondering where the sun has gone - we had snow (SNOW!!) last weekend and I was incredibly distressed by that fact. Thankfully there's Small Style to brighten my day - lovely outfit!

  17. Ivy's outfits ROCK! That's all I can say!



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