April 7, 2011

Small Style: keeping it real

 small style

While Ivy probably has enough outfits to wear something different for every Small Style from here on out, there are many repeats in her day-to-day wear. I am mindful of any new pieces I add to her ever-growing (and out-growing) wardrobe. The beauty of being free to mash-up patterns and colors is the expansive possibilities!

Here you'll see the sweater from last week, the Tea Collection shirt from my blog's header (among many other photos), and her Rosemary's Cuppa handmade skirt. Those Tea Collection capris are perfect for under almost all her dresses and skirts, and I'm so happy with how versatile these Converse tennies have been- they really go with everything.

small style keep it real

Also, Ivy's cute "ballerina" pony tail? That is the result of her hair being in pig tails the past few days and thus now quite un-brushable without a proper hair washing -and - we had no time for a bath today! Like I said, keeping it real!
As always, loving the link-up for the official  Small Style here.

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  1. well, you know i like a certain repeat. ;) but in all honesty, i'm the same way--especially with things like leggings that layer with everything, we wear the same thing over and over because we love it- why not!

    ivy is such a fashionista!

  2. I finally got my act together and participated in this today :) Love me some kid clothes, I do.

    Madeline had some pewter mary janes this fall and you're right, they do go with nearly EVERYTHING! :) Great versatile color.

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  4. Hey...repeat-wear away, lady. It's totally the way to go. I think part of the fun of Small Style is finding new ways to wear old faves.

    Speaking of creative dressing, I just love the mix-n-match patterns that I'm seeing on many of the Small Style kids. Kids can get away with mashing all sorts of fun patterns together, I'm a bit intimidated to try that with my own outfits. However, Small Style is inspiring me to break out of my usual black / grey uniform and buy some fun and colourful patterns. YEA

  5. i like her skirt very much... so spring!!!
    and cute pics...

  6. I love the colors and the repeat.

    Keepin it real ;)

  7. love the colors and different patterns together.

  8. Hay will that cute Ivy girl slow down a tad!!! She is growing up so fast!!! And I love her sweater... I need an extra outsize one for snugging on the couch with a good book!!!

  9. Just like I love remixing for me, I love it for the kids. All of those (adorable) versatile pieces can make lots and lots of outfits.

    Ivy is SO adorable! (And I love the little naked dolly!) Thank you so much for joining in, Steph!

  10. What a fun link-up, love it! Ivy is beautiful as always.

    P.S. Bathtime in our house only comes twice (sometimes thrice) a week...and I've found it does make for some fun hair-dos! :)

  11. she is so adorable! these photos are so so so cute :)


  12. Cutie cutes, of course!! I loves me some Small Style!

  13. Adorable outfit! And ditto the love for Converse shoes! They go with *everything*!

  14. so I'm totally curious, do you let her pick out her outfit? Because my 3 year old very much has to pick out her outfit every.single.day.

  15. LOVE the ponytail. Adorable.


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