April 2, 2011

redemption day

Things about today that made up for a lame-o spring break week:

breakfast with the fam at Le Peep
awesome playlist on Pandora while I organized the playroom
$1/skein yarn sale at the knitting shop
another store's employees gushed over my bag & suggested I make more for them to sell (!!)
feeling flattered about my knitting talent especially knowing I won't/don't want to sell
grocery shopping peacefully by myself
sweet walk to Dairy Queen after dinner
all of us excited to try a new church tomorrow
actually reading to the kids at bedtime again (I need /want to do this every night)


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  2. this post makes me smile, the picture makes me smile, maybe I'm a bit too cheerful for being after midnight (waiting for hubby to be done work and have a few minutes with him before going to bed)

    Praying that the new Church would be a blessing to your family and that you all would bless then also

    Have a great week

  3. You really do make beautiful things. I like that you aren't tempted by the idea of selling them though. I totally want to make that bag, but I'm going to have to wait until I can find some yarn on sale. Glad you had a good day!

  4. I love your bag too...you are quite gifted. I love how each new project is just that new and different. You knit because you love it, and love making things for others. That is a beautiful gift.

    I am not sure I am patient enough for knitting, I have tried. I crochet, but that seems easier than knitting.

    Prayers for tomorrow and trying a new church.

    I am so bad at reading to my kids before bed...thanks for the reminder...tomorrow night for sure.


  5. we love le peep. i thought it was just an indianapolis place! i love bedtime reading too. i love to read good character books like a bargain for frances and do all the voices. i'll bet you have really good character voices. XO

  6. ah grocery shopping takes on a whole new experience when done on your own... i love taking my time and strolling down each isle, even if i don't need anything down say the chip isle...

    will pray your journey to finding a new home church is not a long one and that you can find one that you & the fam fall in love with right away~!

  7. I liked this upbeat post. But, um, I'm stumped. If you don't read to your kids at night, how do you get them to sleep? Mine would mutiny without their books before bed!

  8. We are just heading into our Spring break week, and it appears that all of our 'plans' aren't going to happen, and I'm ok with that. Glad you saw redemption! It's everywhere.
    You WILL find the right church with the right fit for your family. We finally did, and after years, YEARS, of dreading Sundays, I'm actually excited about church again. It's an amazing feeling...and you will get there as well :)

  9. Ahhhh, grocery shopping by yourself is a little bit of heaven! Except when you come home where your MIL and her boyfriend were watching hubby and baby....and you make 8 trips from the car, during which neither of them even PRETEND to offer to help carry stuff in.

    *cough* No, I'm not angry or resentful at all!

    I'm so so glad you have had a good day and good luck with the new church!

  10. Le Peep! yea!
    DQ! double yea!

    By the way, I am impressed with your ability to take 4 to a restaurant, and with food allergies at that (if I remember correctly?). We hardly ever take our 2, which I largely blame on food allergies, but also know is partially just b/c I'm too lazy to take it on and often put it in the "it's just not worth it" category. Any advice is welcome. : )

  11. Ah yes, I need/want to read every night, too, and just this week decided that I need to push that! We've just had too much going on, and I get too tired and cranky, and how's any of that helpful? Not at all. It needs to be pleasant and something I look forward to, WE look forward to, every day. Thanks for the reminder. :)


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