April 7, 2011

Oh snap.

Ivy's legs hung far over the arm of the rocking chair as she nursed. "Ivy, you are such a big girl!" Jeff told her, "Big girls don't have nah-nap."

And she pulled off and exclaimed, "YES WE DO!".

(I swear she also did three snaps in Z formation)

I took the kids into the Memorial Opera House to pay the rest of the deposit for Listen To Your Mother. I explained that this was where Mommy's show was going to be. Carter so sweetly asked, "Is it a knitting show?"

I sidled up to Jeff this morning and said remember how in my blog post yesterday I said that I wasn't going to buy any new outfits for my trip to New Orleans? Did you notice how I didn't mention anything about shoes?


  1. Have such a good time, Steph! With new shoes on!

  2. Sounds like something my daughter would say too. Except she would be equally likely to add that she isn't a big girl, she IS a baby. And then spend the next half hour pretending to be a baby crawling on the floor and making baby noises instead of talking.

    She's definitely not ready to give up nursing but I am glad to have an extra tool for handling the peaks and valleys of two! How often/when does Ivy nurse?

  3. Most days she just nurses at night and sometimes in the early morning. But then there are those days that after a rough nap or afternoon she needs to nurse to "snap" out of it, so to speak. It's kind of like, if I'm caught sitting and available, she will at least try!


  4. Ivy's comment reminds me of when Seth started nursing again. yes, again.
    I weaned him when I was pregnant with Amelia, it just hurt WAY too much. 5 months later, she was born. He asked if he could nurse and, I having an overabundance of milk and thinking he would remember how to latch on, said, sure buddy!
    He got on, nursed like a pro, got off and said, "Mmmmm THAT'S GOOD!!!" We tandem nursed for another 6 months.

    A knitting show. That is priceless. My kids would think the same thing.

    And you MUST have new shoes for New Orleans. I am SO excited for you to go! Maybe I will have a baby that weekend for all of you poor saps who are stuck in such an amazing city having such an amazing time ;)

  5. Shoes! Smart lady!!!

    Little off topic... I had a friend tell me yesterday that her little boy has 12 cavities, and mentioned it was from nursing him to sleep for 3 years straight. I nursed my last baby far longer and one of her teeth looks a little... suspicious. Have you ever heard of that??? I know bmilk is super sugary... But who wants to wake up a sleeping baby to brush their teeth?!

  6. Can't wait to see you in New Orleans and so wish I could see one of the LTYM shows!

  7. Oh yeah, baby! She told HIM! Mine isn't nursing anymore but he occasionally needs to just curl up on my lap and hold on to one of the girls to get all calmed down and happy again. Bean did that too, for a while after she was all done with nigh-nighs. It makes me feel magical and mystical, and what Mama doesn't enjoy feeling that way every once in awhile?

    New shoes just go without sayin'. And I got not one but TWO great shoe rewards/coupons in the mail yesterday, so I'm right there behind you in the new-shewz check-out line.

  8. Loved this post - just kept re-reading it because it made me smile :)

  9. oh my...you guys are ALL too cute! :)

  10. Get yourself some new shoes girl! But make sure they are comfortable if you are going to be wearing them in the French Quarter!! ;)

  11. so I'm at 17 months, and recently decided this nursing train is going to be lead by him.

    I just went a whole day with out nursing, but then tonight he pulled at my shirt and wanted it.

    I think we are probably on our way outs, but it's been a sweet run.

    And to go to NOLA? Is a dream of mine. enjoy every moment.

  12. LOVE it!!! Ivy rocks!
    And awesome on the shoes. I swear, I am SO excited to see YOU next week that NOLA pales in comparison. :)

  13. hahaha. i love the proclamation she gave the papa. he so has no idea what he's talking about....

  14. So funny about the shoes! Does Jeff read all of your posts?



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