April 27, 2011

Look what I can do

I can build Legos

Gray had a whopping ten dollars burning a hole in his pocket and so I promised him a trip to the store to buy Legos. I hadn't told him we'd first be canvassing the entire town with Listen To Your Mother posters and cards. Eventually he found a small box of Legos he wanted but then hesitated: this was morning-time and his brothers wouldn't be home for a few more hours. He'd have to wait that long to build them.

I told him I would build it for him.YOU KNOW HOW TO BUILD LEGOS? His eyes popped out of his head right there in aisle 27.

I was like, huh. I can drive a car. I can birth babies. I can make breakfastlunchanddinner magically appear and then later the mess disappear. I can read. I can write. I can do math sometimes in my head. I can make milk and sustain a life for far too long. But oh, LEGOS? Wow.

It was about time I did something that impressed him.

Oh, and... the winner of the netbook is Cariann. I seriously was overcome with the heaviest anxiety when it came time to submit for a number on random.org. The comments here all made me wish I could pick who needed it most or give one away to everyone all Oprah-style. So, I took a moment to pray (for real) that whomever was meant to win it randomly, would. And for those who are still in need, I pray that you will be taken care of in another fun way, too. I hope you all understand!


  1. No matter who won, your generosity will return to you ten-fold.

    My 3yo wants his Lego sets built exactly like the instructions or on the box. To my horror the other day, someone commingled the Lego sets.

    The Legos were commingled!!

    Do you know how difficult it is to build the fire station just so when the pieces are not all in the proper box? Ugh!

    When I finally did find all the pieces, he said "Good job, mommy." And it was worth all the effort.

  2. Oh my goodness. You killed me with the 'sustain a life for far too long' bit. :)

    Steph, you really are such a sweet & generous person. So lovely even just to read your words. I think that what you did was so kind to give both of your prizes away!

  3. you lego queen, you. it's about time you did something impressive. ;)

    and yay for a winner on the giveaway!

  4. aww steph, thanks for praying. i am sure that God directed the winner. seek Him and He will direct your steps... :)

  5. You are remarkable! In every area of your life, I am just so proud of you!

  6. Oh you are funny! I'm sure you didn't mean that to be funny, but the first thing that popped in my head is "the poor you will have with you always" lol - it'll be my turn another day :)

  7. Isn't it funny what impresses our kids? Haha!

  8. I'm not sure what impressed my son more -- the fact that I could construct the Lego Temple of Doom or that I could find all the items on a page of an I Spy book.

    Mom's got skills.

  9. I am overwhelmed and so grateful... I am laughing though as I read this post, it is always amazing what our little boys think we can and can't do...

  10. Even though I am many, many years away from having babies of my own, I absolutely love reading about your kids. Your family makes me smile & little boys never cease to make me laugh.

  11. so funny, my mom bought clark that lego set today! clark and i have been playing the lego harry potter iphone game together (yes, together, ha) and he is all about it right now. and yeah, he is super impressed with my iphone touchscreen wand waving lego-coin-getting skills. :)

  12. I like you.

    The end.


    (one day we should build impressive lego structures together) <3

  13. Yeah for Cariann!

    As for those mothering skills - I always thought the breakfastlunchanddinner magically appearing and then the mess disappearing skill was a pretty impressive one, but my children - like yours seem much more impressed by other things - like how I can make ridiculous noises or blow up their punch balls :)

  14. ha ha ha! My son has been begging me to go to Target to get more legos...with his own money!
    they just get so upset when the break...which happens all the time.

  15. Yes, Congrats to Cariann!

    Congrats to you Steph, on you Lego building and upcoming play.

  16. I sometimes pray before I pick random winners too. I just wish that EVERYONE could win.



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