April 30, 2011


I'm a celebrity!

So, this happened.

In today's Times newspaper. (It's the best photo I could take in my excitement. You can click on it to enlarge.) I'm tempted to close comments now but let's just roll with it.
  1. It's awesome!
  2. I hope it brings more people to the show!
  3. It's hilarious!
Do I think I am a celeb blogger? I'm posting this on a Saturday. I wrote most of this post in my head while hand-washing my dishes.

If I was a celeb blogger I would have had a dishwasher sent to me by now, right? Well, to be honest (and probably really drive my point home) I did have a dishwasher offered to me and then after they asked for my "stats" I never heard about it again.

But who really cares about that? That's not why I am here. I have perfectly good hands to wash dishes and give me a chance to think up blog posts. That ad is spectacular, and all in fun, and made possible by my awesome local sponsor Albert's Jewelers.

Ann believed in herself and I believed in her show and someone believed in me along the way. This is it right now! and I am loving every second of the ride.

Come to the show! I'll even autograph your program!


  1. Dude, you are awesome. You've always been a celebrity in my book.

    I totally wish I could come to your show. Good luck!!! xoxoxo

  2. i wish i could come and am so excited for you!

    also, the ad doesn't really do justice to the scope of your celebrity. you may be local to the paper's readership, but your cyber fame knows no bounds. love it:)

  3. That's so awesome. I wish I could see the show.

    And if YOU can't get a dishwasher because of your stats, then the best I could hope for would be a dollar store brand hand-crank can opener.

  4. Can I throw my bra onstage and swoon like you're Tom Jones?

  5. I think I'd rather be acquainted with you than pretty much any actual, certified celebrity I can think of.

    Break a leg!

  6. congrats! you deserve it!!! :)

  7. Exciting!!! Yay for you, Chud. LOVE YOU!

  8. BWAHAHA!! I love it! And it is not NEARLY as MUCH as I was prepared for!! luv, liz from the show!

  9. you are awesome and we all know it, so Albert's needed to tell everyone else too.


    (so exciting!)

  10. I am so proud of you Steph! I wish I could be there SO badly! I just know you have worked so hard and are so deserving!
    Aunt Diane

  11. You are a celebrity and also a fox.
    Just embrace it ;)

    --Now go have the most awesome weekend ever <3


  12. Oh you are my celebrity blogger for sure !!! I love your blog to bits and pieces!!! And I so wish your show goes totally well!!!

  13. What are you TALKING about? You, my dear, are a celebrity to me. At least, what i think a celebrity SHOULD be. Kind, generous, down to earth, and oh so huggable!

    Seriously hope I don't have to wait another three years to hang with you again! (BTW, did I mention I'm in Chicago tomorrow - Tuesday?) Email me!

  14. Ah, 'stats'. Studying them killed me, and they're still having their way with me. ;)

    And a big WOOHOO! on the ad. Hooray for publicity and awesome sponsors!

  15. If I could I would drive up from Kansas city to see this, I know it will be amazing!!! How could it not be with a celeb blogger :)!!

  16. ah, that my friend is super-exciting!! yes, roll with it for sure :)*

  17. You are definitely a celebrity in my book! I wish I were closer, I'd be there in a heartbeat.

    Best of luck!

  18. Girl you are better than a celebrity! I doubt celebrities really impact people that positively and you're real! So much better!

  19. i love this. for so many reasons!

    love you & so proud of you. so excited about the show.

  20. There's nothing wrong with washing your dishes and thinking up blog posts. Congrats!

  21. You're a TOTAL celeb blogger. What a cool ad! Hope it goes great for you guys!

  22. Yup, sorry....you are a celebrity. :) About time your awesomeness will be spread everywhere!

  23. I hope that irony prevails and that somehow this post is the one that lands you a dishwasher... (I can see it now... your readers band together to campaign the diswasher co's on your behalf...) :)

    I adore you, and suzannah is right - your celebrity knows no bounds. :) Love the ad, love that you are having so much fun putting this show together. Wish I could be there to see it live.

  24. This is awesome. YOU are awesome. I SO wish I lived closer because I really want to see your show- I'm looking forward to watching it online!

  25. Yes, you are a celebrity blogger. There's no question about that.

    You rock and we all love you - and the show is going to be awesome! Just you wait.



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