March 18, 2011

Ty(p)ing Up Loose Ends

Noni Cinch bag - knit- felt

I finally finished The Bag. It took forever to knit, then I had to felt it and then wait for it to dry and shape (for days.) I made up the braided handle pattern myself and am so happy how it turned out. The part I was most scared of but ended up being my most favorite of all? Attaching the hardware. Wow. I need to hammer things more often.

Knit/felted braided handle

And this skirt was a dress I had decided to knit at random with all my scrap yarns.

handmade skirt

I got all the way to the top and just wasn't happy with it, so I ripped it all out down to the skirt (the part I did like) and so there you have it. I do the same with my writing, among other things.

knit skirt

Finally, I am excited to announce that my Listen To Your Mother show has secured a sponsor- an incredibly awesome local one that I will officially confirm when I know that I can. Things are falling into place in almost a too-good-to-be-true fashion but I'm riding that wave. I hope to have tickets on sale soon. For now they will be available online with possible opportunities to purchase in person or on the day of the show if we don't sell out.

I really want every seat to be filled.

These stories are going to take the audience through a beautiful journey. They'll laugh, they'll cry, they'll feel, and I know they will be inspired. How I need your help: Invite everyone you know- women, men, teens, - everyone will get it. Like Listen To Your Mother on Facebook. (This is an easy way to share with your friends and family, too.)

And if you aren't local, please attend one of the other Listen To Your Mother shows playing nationally in April & May. Are you near Austin, L.A., Spokane, or Madison? Save the dates! (My show is May 7, 7PM in Valparaiso at the historic Memorial Opera House.) I will definitely announce when tickets are on sale here as well as on the Listen To Your Mother site, Facebook and Twitter.


I am still writing over at NWIparent- see the latest: Park Days Are Here Again! And I am excited to be working on a piece for the NWIparent section in the Times newspaper as well. I'll let you know what day to watch for it! I continue to write daily at Real Moms Guide as well (please note that my pen name is "Steph"; there's another writer at RMG that goes by Stephanie!) I haven't been linking lately but what the hay, here's a few of my recent posts:

I absolutely love my job.

Knitting & pattern details can be found on Ravelry. I'm BabywearKnittery.


  1. "so I ripped it all out down . . . there you have it. I do the same with my writing, among other things."


    By the way, have I told you I am SO PROUD OF YOU? Because I am. I am so, so proud of you, friend.

  2. You are just awesome in every way! Creative, talented and just wonderful!

    That skirt is precious!

  3. Wow! Things are really coming along! How exciting!

    I EL-OH-VEE-EEE LOVE that purple bag. Also? I would like to hammer some things, too. Yes I would

    Go YOU. You're sounding much more joyful these days and I love that! :)

  4. Your bag is AMAZING, Steph! I can't imagine how much work that was. I need to try my hand at felting one of these days. I just couldn't wait to see how this project turned out! xo

  5. I must make that bag!! Too cute! :) I'm always looking for fun things to make that don't look homemade -- but handmade. Haha!

  6. Those knits are fabulous :) As will be your show!!!

  7. Oh my gosh, your knits are just SO GOOD <3 Love ya!

  8. seriously- you did that bag?! AMAZING. and the skirt is so sweet. something ivy will have forever.

    can't wait for listen to your mother- congrats on the sponsor!

  9. What a blessing!! Everything is so amazingly awesome.

  10. That bag is amazing...I would dearly love to learn how to knit OR crochet. Any recommendations for someone who has NEVER done EITHER?

  11. Tiff- see if there is a shop with classes near you! That was how I learned. Online you can find a lot of helpful videos but I did best learning in person! :)


  12. great job on the bag!! i know that was a lot of looks fantastic! the skirt is really cute, too.

  13. The bag and skirt are both AMAZING. I really really need to learn how to knit.

  14. I cannot believe all your talents. Those creations and the PHOTOS of the creations and the way you tie it in with writing and and


    Thank you for this!!


  15. that bag is perfection!! it turned out WAY better than i imagined in my head [and i was imagining it really really good]. it's gorgeous, steph.

    love the skirt, too! it reminds me of the days when i used wool on emma as a diaper cover. awwww.

  16. Love that bag!!! I so want to try felting, but am a little scared to give it try... why? I have no idea, just am!

  17. That bag is gorgeous and that skirt? Totally coveting. You are so Talented Steph, yes 'Talented' with a capital 'T'!

  18. What Ann said. That's what I was going to say.


  19. The bag looks AWESOME! And the skirt is cute, too. I hope I can attend the show...

  20. Your talent amazes me. LOVE both the bag and skirt!!

    Wish I could make it to the Austin LTYM but I'll just be returning from there then, after visiting family for Easter. Sad to miss. I would SO be there if I could! I'm glad things are going so well for your show Steph! xo

  21. LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog!!
    Your kids are so cute!!
    folow me in:

    I´m a mother 2 kids....

  22. Look at your creations! Swoon.

    And sometimes, things require ripping down. Life is just like that.


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