March 31, 2011

Small Style: Hand Knit Edition


Before I tell you about what she's wearing, I have to tell you a couple funny things Ivy did this week.  I guess she was trying to nurse the other night in bed while I was deep asleep. Jeff said I told her no (I do not recall this) and she dramatically proclaimed, "You never give me nah-nap anymore!" (For the record, yes I do.)

Yesterday afternoon my in-laws watched all the kids for me while I met with the videographer for Listen To Your Mother (our meeting went great- so excited p.s. tickets are on sale now here!) and when we were getting ready I heard Ivy say something about showing Grandma her new pink purse and taking Grampa a turkey sandwich. I assumed she meant her play food. Side note: she had turkey for lunch.

We arrive at Grandma & Grandpa's and soon my father-in-law says look what Ivy brought for me! Turkey deli meat wrapped neatly in a paper towel, kept in her new pink purse since lunch time.

I finished knitting the tunic above just a few minutes ago. It was much more difficult than I had thought it would be but it didn't help that my needles came out of a whole row of tricky stitches and so I had to improvise for a while until I could get somewhat back on track. Also, I was over half-way through when I realized I was knitting it for a size smaller than I had planned! Oh well, it turned out awesome anyway. (I had originally wanted it to be a longer dress, but instead it's more like a tunic/top.)

tunic- "fiona's top" handknit by me
jeans- tea collection (carrot fit denim pants)

robot sweater

This is one of my favorite outfits Ivy has been wearing lately. The sweater is one I knit a long time ago for Gray with the infamous retro robot buttons. Now it's her fave. And the overalls are still the cutest thing ever.

sweater: handknit by me
mushroom tunic: misha lulu
painter's overalls: tea collection

Knitting patterns & info can be found on my ravelry page- I'm babywearknittery.

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  1. I love the little tunic, very cute!

  2. I am laughing so hard at the turkey in the purse. Tunic is adorable.

  3. First off, love the turkey sandwich story -- what a funny ( and thoughtful) girl!

    The tunic is darling. You are so good with those knitting needles, lady!

  4. Oh wow, so lovely!! I've started trying to crochet lately... scary undertaking!

  5. you did an awesome job on that tunic! and i think there needs to be a book just one what 2 year olds say, because they crack me up.

    and how sweet that she saved her turkey sandwich! ;)

  6. Yeah!! More knitting inspiration! When I see a new blog post pop up from you I get so excited. :)

  7. that tunic is so sweet.

    and ivy is so cute. i love that she saved her lunch for grampa...super sweet!

    and the nursing thing...funny!

  8. oh man you're talented. I myself would wear that top. And the sweater.

  9. Stink'n adorable! I need some stuff like that for my little one!

  10. Oh my goodness, Steph, that tunic is stunning. I cannot believe you can make things that believe. What a lucky little girl Ivy is! Now, can you make one my size? I love the other little sweater you knit, too. I love your style!

    Also, thank you so, so much for your support and participation. I really appreciate it and I really appreciate you! :)

  11. I just love all your knitting Steph. You are so talented. Makes me wish I could that... Wow.

  12. Ah you finished the tunic! I Love it with a capital L! Beautiful work, sister.

  13. very cute and I love the little things she says. So cute.

  14. I love that tunic! If you ever decide to start selling your creations, you let me know. Makes me wish I knew how to knit better!

  15. I love that you repurpose boys' clothes for your daughter. Personally I'm not THAT crazy about pink pink pink princess pink, so a little girl in a robot button sweater is just about the most adorable thing that I can think of.

    Also: that tunic = gorgeous.

  16. so glad the info is on ravelry... i have lots of little girl babies in my life this year!

  17. I love that she brought turkey, what a friendly girl!

    Awesome work on the top, it's so incredibly cute and my goodness, she resembles your Mom in that top photo!

  18. I laughed when I read that she kept her turkey.

    Ivy is the cutest!

    Your knitery is awesome!!

  19. The tunic is beautiful! I love the turkey story. I know the grandparents loved it too.

  20. that tunic is one of the very first thing's i fav'd on raverly (i think two years ago!) but i have always shied away from it b/c i was worried it was too hard for me...maybe now that i have done some tougher things it is time for me to take the plunge. thanks for the inspiration!

  21. you're amazing with the needles, steph. really, gorgeous stuff!


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