March 22, 2011

Oh my gosh I am so bored with myself right now.

It's not like there isn't plenty to do. If there were twenty of me that wouldn't be enough to do what needs to be done yet here I sit. Tired and bored.

I just cut up some mini watermelons for the kids. There's that.

This morning I was fixing oatmeal/cleaning the kitchen/getting towels from the basement/answering the phone when I nicked the corner of the counter with my wedding ring and ka-clink. My diamond was gone. Thankfully I have such immaculate floors spent twenty minutes on my stomach and found it had traveled all the way into the carpeted hallway.

So, yay, I have my diamond and boo I can not get my ring off. And yes I've tried freezing it/cold water/above my head/soap/oil/bath. I think the last time I even took it off was before I was pregnant with Ivy. I checked with our homeowner's insurance. They do not cover cutting the ring off my finger.

Good thing prongs are so in right now. Totally.

Last night I made the most awesome cupcake sandwiches (you know where you cut the cupcake in half and put the frosting in the middle to make it easier to individually wrap for the school bake sale?) and then a few hours later the two kids involved in the bake sale are throwing up. All night long. All night. I saw the clock at every hour. Until the sun came up, and beyond.

So, what would you do? You'd probably throw out those cupcakes, right? I mean, everyone in this house except for Jeff has now been stricken by this bug in the past few days so it's likely I could get the whole school sick, eh? All those cupcakes = trash them?

How am I going to get this ring off my finger?


  1. You poor thing! I'm bored too. Feeling like I need a mini vacay. Scary stuff about the ring. I guess if you get it off you had better get it sized too! Good luck!

  2. You might be boring yourself, but you're cracking me up. Glad you found your ring. Sorry about the throwing up children. Eat all of the cupcakes and embrace the fact that you'll probably get sick yourself.

  3. Oh, no! Your ring. And 2 sickies. I'm bored out of my mind lately...just staring at everything that needs to be done.

    And it's snowing right now...yeah.

    Hope you find something fun to do that gives you motivation to do all the other stuff.


  4. Olive oil? I once broke a diamond on my ring by accidentally whacking it on a shelf at the Gap trying on a shirt. No joke. Glad you found it!

  5. Hmmm - I'm going with tossing the cupcakes. Sorry, because it means your hard work is for not. Ugh.

    Wishing you calm and rest. {hugs}

  6. So glad you found your diamond! I have no idea how to get the ring off. Going somewhere cold is the only thing that helps me, and you're already there.

    Tummy bugs are the worst, especially when they run through the family like that. I would probably not send the cupcakes, but hey, since you've already been sick I think you're immune and could have a few.

  7. i'm bored too. spent all morning on the phone with the insurance company only to resolve absolutely nothing. it's killed my will to be productive for the rest of the day. also, we're all sick and cranky. boo.

    wish i could help about the ring, what a bummer! i remember my mom having to get hers cut off at one point. it's made me so paranoid that i check mine constantly. like, as in several times a day. when my first ring got a little tight i ran out and got a new one right away (no diamonds here ;-))

    re: cupcakes... sounds like you folks are going to have to eat them all to spare the rest of the world. LOL

  8. Drink tons and tons of water so you're very well hydrated and the least puffy as possible. Did you try the "dental floss method"?

    I'm totally having claustrophobia just thinking of you not being able to get the ring off. Hang in there!

  9. So, what you are saying is, you have to EAT all the cupcakes-- yes?? That's what I'm thinking.

    As for the ring....gah! Maybe call or stop by a jewelry store and ask if they have ideas?

  10. Try windex to get your ring off. It works.

  11. I wear my rings on a chain. Since the swelling came down from my second kidlet... I caught the ring on a door handle as I walked by and ripped it and a chunk of finger and I thought that's it last time i am putting it on that finger. My ring providentially had se7en +1 little diamonds on it - how weird is that!!!
    Meanwhile toss the cookies and get some sleep...everything always looks better once you have slept!!! I so hope everyone feels better soon... Lots of love...

  12. You absolutely have to eat all the cupcakes, it's the only answer! Want to know what I did today? It was a really slow work day, so I started like 5 blog posts. However, I can't finish any of them. I hate days like that!

  13. My MIL uses Windex to get her rings off when her fingers swell. I didn't see that on your list, so it might work. Maybe? Good luck!

  14. I had that happen when we made a huge batch of treats to hand deliver for Christmas. How about a big gift of the ol' stomach flu under the tree for everyone? I threw them out for fear that is what we were offering.

    And the ring= bummer. I don't know what to tell you- perhaps a little WD-40 might do the trick? I swear I use that stuff for everything!

    Regardless, hugs all around!! xoxo

  15. I've been lurking for a bit now, and have come out of the woodwork to tell you that I think you are adorable. I'm sorry you are having that kind of day, and I hope all the encouragement from these comments seeps into your heart. Perhaps the ring will come off in the morning? Thanks for sharing your life with us on this blog. I find myself thinking about my mothering differently after I ponder your days.

  16. Oh honey. See, even when you are bored, you are productive though! Finding your diamond AND making cupcakes? A full days work in my mind.

    I'm sure it's cold outside, try standing outside in the cold so more than just the hand gets cold. As the rest of you gets colder, the blood runs away from the hand and you may be able to get it off. Combine that with the windex and you may succeed! Good luck!

    And yes, eat the cupcakes yourself.

    And I hate that feeling of being bored. Knowing you have stuff to do makes it even frustrating.

  17. Don't trash them and eat them when everyone is feeling better!

  18. Wait! Have you tried windex to get your ring off? I know that sounds very 'my big fat greek wedding' but it's what they use at some fancy pants jewelers. It just occurred to me that I know that.

  19. I know what you mean about bored. Even though I have PLENTY upon PLENTY to do. We had the bug last week, and it is no fun. I think it has struck the whole country. What IS this nasty bug? How can it be so contagious?
    Thinking of you and hoping you can find a minute for some fun today.

  20. Yeah, throw them out...bummer.

    Stomach flu is the worst. It has been around a lot this winter.
    I am sorry!

    Hope wellness returns soon and you get your ring off and fixed.


  21. The dental floss method that someone linked to worked for my sister when she couldn't get her rings off when pregnant. Good luck!
    I love hearing about how REAL your life is. Makes me feel normal. :)

  22. I know the feeling. Youch, do I know.

  23. So, sorry you broke your ring, but I totally giggled about your prongs being in style.

    I'm so bored with myself I decided to go ahead and get my first ticket - ever - for speeding on the way to pick up one of the kids from school this afternoon. Turns out I wasn't even late because I completely forgot that same dear child was riding home with a friend today. ACK!

  24. Local fire department will cut the ring off free of charge..

  25. I vote you and the two sicklies eat all the cupcakes together. :)

    So sorry about your ring, but SOO glad you found the diamond!! I hope you can get that sucker off.

  26. Boo Stomach Bug :( Yeah, pretty much you can't send the cupcakes to the bake sale...BUT you can eat them!?! HEY HEY!! :)

    My diamond fell off once and when I got it fixed and returned to me, it was like brand new...all sparkly and clean! I'm so glad you found it!!!

    I hope your kiddos feel better soon and you all get lots of sleep tonight.

  27. I think I would eat all the cupcakes myself. Trashing them would be too sad.

    And I hope you resolve the ring issue, soon. I actually take my rings off every night. I didn't realize this was weird until I forgot to put them on one morning, and everyone looked at me like I had two heads. Who knew that I was inviting bad luck? I just don't like to sleep with rings on. ;)

  28. 1. Eat the cupcakes, even if they only make you feel better for a little while.

    2. Become very zen, and WILL the ring to come off.

    3. Get lots of hugs :)

    Love ya1

  29. Soak your finger in a cupcake and maybe the cupcake will make your finger vomit up the ring?

    Hey, it may work.


  30. I thought it was odd that I take my rings off several times a day. for boxing class, for cooking and for bed. I HATE to sleep with them on.

    I have no ideas but tons of sympathy - we had 7 of the 8 of us down with the double ended stomach flu for FIVE days. UGH.

  31. i felt like i could have written this, i feel like this a lot. sometimes i even get on my own nerves; the voice in my head whining or rehashing or whatever. sorry about your ring. maybe go on one of those cleanse diets for a week and don't eat salt? i have no scientific data to back up that suggestion, but it sounds like the kind of thing i would try. (there is no emoticon for this, but imagine me smiling, hopefully, and shrugging my shoulders, probably with my hands and palms facing up.)

  32. Hope you found a way to get the ring off! That freaked me out enough that I checked I can still remove mine!!!

    Puking kids are no fun at all (We're celebrating our own version of Pukefest here, second year in a row to the day, except so far this year no ER visits. Woo!)

    Did you eat the cupcakes? I made brownies before we all got sick and then decided to toss them cuz clearly we couldn't eat them (clear fluids only) and didn't want to give them away. Was feeling better yesterday so made a carrot cake... Cue sick child round two spreading to mom shortly thereafter. No idea what carrot cake's fate will be but I might have to stop baking for a while!

  33. (so have you gotten your ring off yet??)

    p.s. I love Erin's description of the emoticon that isn't. :)


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