March 8, 2011

a list for today


1. I finally filed our taxes this morning and it was like after crossing that off my list? I could do nothing the rest of the day. Only that was false. But my body didn't care and I've been listless and achy and incapable of doing anything else.

2. Kind of like I was yesterday when I cleaned the upstairs bathroom (so much so that hubby said he felt like he was in a hotel this morning) and so maybe that is why I am so achy.

3. My hair is pretty long. It is. I sometimes think about getting a super-cute, hip, shorter style, but don't want that as much as I want to keep it long. I have been asked a couple times if I am growing it to donate it. (That makes me reconsider the need for a new style.) But I actually hardly ever wear it in a pony tail any more, it's almost always down and I enjoy it. 

4. I wonder why long hair tends to be open to public commentary, like people will declare how long someone's hair has gotten and when are you going to cut it? Or like when a boy has long hair it's such a topic of discussion. (I happen to think boys are cute with long hair.) But I would never go up to a woman- or man- or child- and ask why their hair was so short?And why won't they grow it longer?

5. Yesterday I was feeling like a bad mom until I realized - in the middle of baking real live cookies for Gray's stuffed rhino's birthday and his party guests-  that I was a good mom in that moment most moments.

6. I have no energy to finish this list. I cleaned a bathroom, made cookies, and did my taxes. And it's only Tuesday.

edited to add 7. I scrounged up some energy to correct the typo in #1. You're welcome if you caught it.


  1. dude. take a break.

    also? TOTALLY AGREE WITH #4.

  2. My long hair gets commentary too.

    I feel the exact same today.

  3. As someone who has had short hair most of their life, I can tell you that it IS open for public commentary. Especially for young women. I've been asked some pretty nasty things. I'm sure I don't need to say them. I'd never say anything to anyone either way. I'm working on growing my hair long. Past my shoulders is part of my 40x40.

  4. #4. Because everyone has an opinion about everything, and people's opinions are SO important and right that you MUST listen to them ALL the time! During my last pregnancy, I was in Target one day and a complete stranger walked up to me and said, "Wow, your belly is completely lopsided!" I walked away and then realized that my hoodie had gotten twisted so what was really lopsided was my zipper. LOL.

  5. I don't understand the #4 thing either, but people at work are always talking about my hair on the days when I wear it down. Well, to be accurate, they also comment the day after about how 'you can't tell how much hair is there when it's up'. Uff.

  6. i never thought about it, but you are right! People do do that with long hair.

    and tomorrow should be "do nothing wed"

  7. I'm exhausted just thinking about it.

    My hair is really long now too, judging from the picture maybe an inch shorter than yours. (Whispering: It makes me feel sexy - Or is that the right word?) (Anyway, I wonder if that's why other people seem oddly threatened by it and want it gone?)

  8. lovely list, lovely feeling to be done with taxes for the year (!), lovely long hair.... just love ♥

    my little harper has long-ish gold hair with the cutest relaxed curls in the back and he is mistaken for a girl - a lot! - and we have had people get huffy and defensive when we politely correct them. people *eye roll*

    have a great week!

  9. It's weird. Last week was a whirlwind for me. This week has creeped by at a slug's pace. While ago, I looked at the clock and I was like "IT'S ONLY 3:30?!?!" That never happens.


    I think your hair is gorgeous. And you are gorgeous. And a GREAT mama.

  10. You baked cookies for a stuffed rhino's birthday - you, my friend, are a FANTASTIC mother.

    My hair hasn't been that long in about 31 years. My hair hasn't touched my shoulders in decades - I have no patience for it.

    I'm not sure I've ever asked anyone with long hair if they were going to cut it - I find that an odd question.

  11. I had no idea your hair was THAT long! Envy!

    I think people comment about long hair because it's so unusual. It's so easy to cut hair short, but it takes a looooong time to grow it long. And it doesn't look good on everyone.

    I bet most people who comment are actually envious.

    And filing your taxes today? Also envy. I have a whole lotta filing to do before we can start our taxes. Ugh.

  12. Oh you are fabulous for filing! We have not even started. But its on the list :-)

    And I have been getting the hair commentary for some time now and I imagine for awhile. I am so trying to grow it for locks of love. its really long, but not long enough that I would not have a pixie if it was cut now!

  13. True story: I love having short hair because it's the only thing that looks good on me. When I grow my hair to shoulder-length or longer, it just gets flat and shapeless and I look old. I'm jealous of all you hotties who have long, flowing locks of gorgeousness!

  14. Oh how I love those ruffles :-) and wow what a list!

  15. Yesterday, someone said, Your hair has gotten long. I said thanks and later wondered if it wa a compliment or not!

  16. Ha. I haven't cut my hair in nearly two years... or dyed it.... or done anything to it... and people notice all the time. Not sure what I think, but the compliments are pretty decent.

  17. Oh man, you are done with being productive for the entire week! That's epic. I'm so proud!

    And yeah, I wonder about the comments some people make. I think it comes down to the fact that it is something to say. As a society, we have transitioned away from small talk. Get in, get out, get done type of conversations are much more common...and if people tend to be stuck in an area together, they will play with their phones or just be silent. As such, people just don't really ever know what to say...

  18. Number FOUR!!! When I was pregnant many people told me I "should" cut my hair to prevent pain from the baby pulling it and said that if I didn't do it in advance I surely would when I had the baby. That annoyed me so much I didn't even get my normal trim. Then I cut 18 or so inches last year and still had what most consider long hair ( It's like I had a near miss joining some kind of exclusive club and many people feel the need to ask me when I'm going to cut it again and whether I'll cut it shorter this time. Honestly! It's like some people (ESP women) need me to cut my hair to justify their own short hair.

  19. First of all, I'm so jealous that your taxes are easy enough to do without outside help. Sigh.

    And, my hair is getting ridic long too, I need it cut. But I am SO lazy about it. Sometimes I like it long, sometimes I hate it. But I'm pretty sure it's been about a year now since I had a pro do it. No one really says anything until I bring it up, maybe they're just being polite!

  20. now i feel bad that my bathroom floor is so dirty.

  21. hope you're getting rest. and i hear ya on the long hair thing. i get it all the time. though with the littlest one i usually have to have mine up right now.

  22. That's so funny about the long hair/short hair thing. I've never thought about that before. I personally love long hair but I'm also jealous of girls who can pull off a cute short style. And I think donating hair is a great thing but I also think keeping it for yourself, on your own head, is wonderful too. ;-)

    And YAY for done taxes!!

  23. If you are baking cookies for any pretend party ever, you are a wonderful mom in my book ;-) A day with a clean bathroom, cookies and taxes done is an excellent day.

  24. I think you deserve to take the rest of the week off! I try to keep my to-do list to no more than TWO things per day, and sometimes neither of those two things get done.

    On #4...My 2-yr-old boy has long-ish hair and has been called a girl more often than he's been called a boy. But DH and I think it's just adorable, so the long hair stays.

  25. So are you the resident tax-filer in your house? Tim did them for the 1st 7 years of our marriage (or we did them together). But for the past few years we took our taxes to a CPA. Its been a huge relief - and our returns are bigger!

    Now if we could actually get better about keeping everything organized...!


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