March 5, 2011

"in my veins" or "in my blood" it's true

It was in my step and in the air and then like that, all signs of spring had vanished and snow fell cold and wet today. Boo.

This week was good. It started off so bad. But the ending is what matters I suppose. And so, yay.

Yesterday, as I made the sky-dreary drive to my Mommal's house, flashes of beginning lines, paragraphs, chapters kept surging through my mind (and you know how when people say "in my veins" or "in my blood" it's true, I felt it there) - this urgency to get myself somewhere to write... a book. And the shocking thing to me is, that, the book(s) I want to write are (mostly) fiction. Normally this feeling has only arrived in autumn, since I was very little. This is new.

Last night hubs and I saw a play and it was home for me, it was a gift to myself, for so long I put that life away- I have no idea why, like I thought I had to choose between some of the arts I crave and being a mother. Hello, I am seeing the importance of my children seeing me doing something I enjoy. I always ask them what they dream of, what they want to be, what they wish. What if they turn those questions on me?

On Ivy, puffer- gymboree, dress- miniboden, 
jeans- tea collection, socks- target, shoes- converse

One of my favorite blogs, Mama Loves Papa just launched a wonderful new weekly feature: Small Style. You know I love this. I occasionally feature "As Seen on Ivy" and finally put a tab at the top of the blog up there, for future reference and such.


  1. i'm so glad you got out with your husband. seeing a play sounds like so much fun.

    and yes, i love morgan over at mama loves papa! i joined in on the fun too! yay!

  2. "Hello, I am seeing the importance of my children seeing me doing something I enjoy." --such an important lesson for me to learn as well so true. Thanks for the reminder.

    Oh and Ivy is growing up much to fast...seems like yesterday when I sat nursing jessica at just 5 months while reading about Ivy's birth. I miss those days but this 2-3 age is oh so fun too.

  3. Darling as always! A play! Sounds fun!
    And what a fun link to join!

  4. Your children seeing you chase your dreams, all while holding their hands and showing them how to chase their own... yes, that. My heart, this year.

  5. Ooh loves! (And yeah, totally going to join in on this one... I get Gretchen into some pretty bizarre outfits, haha...)

  6. She is just full of sweetness.
    Glad your week is ending of better than it started. I can say the same for my week too...
    Thanks for sharing the blog link, I love finding new blogs to read and this one rings out to me just in seeing her blog header, four babies - that's going to be ME soon...

  7. It is important that your children see who YOU are besides being their mom. They will model themselves after their parents. Sometimes fiction writers can say a whole lot about the world and what is going on through fiction. Have you ever read Jodi Picoult books? If not you should sometime. Her endings are always totally unexpected. She does incorporate current issues and also tells the story from each character's point of view.

  8. Oh, Ivy. You look so grown up, and so very gorgeous. Sigh.

  9. it's a matter of balance and the balance is so hard to KEEP!! Especially with kiddos!! We want to meet their demands and then we decide to enjoy, but then we are just too tired!! Glad you had a nice time!!

  10. I love this. It's true, Steph. When you feed YOUR soul with that creativity and those dreams that are in you, you feed theirs.


  11. "I have no idea why, like I thought I had to choose between some of the arts I crave and being a mother. Hello, I am seeing the importance of my children seeing me doing something I enjoy."

    Yes, yes yes, yes yes yes yes yess yes yes yes yes YES! YES YES!!!!!

    Can you tell I agree? :)

  12. This was a huge realization for me when I started blogging--

    I had been directing all my creative energy toward mothering, and it wasn't enough.

    The lid FLEW off and it is never going back on again.

  13. Yay! So glad you joined in the fun. I'm also excited for your new Ivy style tab. She is the most stylish girly!

  14. I love the arts too (and I haven't been to a play in YEARS). My secret wish is to see "Wicked" on Broadway. I've heard wonderful things about it.

    That writing "surge" you mentioned? I have definitely felt that. It's there...running in my blood.


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