March 29, 2011

forks and spoons

I bought new silverware tonight. I had a Bed Bath & Beyond coupon, and they had a really cool deal where you can buy individual spoons and forks. I don't know why my garbage disposal keeps eating my spoons where all our spoons go. They must have run off with all the pens, and chapstick.

Anyway, I hung out with Noah today, all this reminded me of this post. I still can't believe that once was my life, and that once happened to my child. I'm certain it was a bad Lifetime movie. (No offense Lifetime movies, I'm still known to watch you. Like maybe today while I was knitting.)

Anyway. In a perfect (blog)world I could write about him every single day. And wish I could. But there isn't such a world, and the more I want to write about him the more I pause, and I am reserved to share only with certain confidantes. This is the way it should be.

Anyway, years later, the spoons were definitely not winning. So now we have more.


  1. So you have a house that eats stuff too, mine grows sharpies, we never buy them but our little one keep writing with them on our wall, they must be growing somewhere!

    Thanks for sharing the other post :-)

  2. They run off to spoon with the socks. Bwahahahaha! I couldn't resist ;)

    I know what you mean about not writing about them everyday. It is hard to find that balance, especially as they get older. I know that the time is fast approaching that I won't be able to write about Seth as freely as I do now.

    Give those babes hugs for me.

  3. It is an amazing thing when God gives us reminders of what once was and what almost was and what it is now, how amazingly good and wonderful it is now. We have those moments with Amos and you can't help but be so thankful to be living a normal life when many are not.
    I am thankful that you all are ok now and hope that your experience helps you care and connect with others in the same boat. That is how God uses it and you and he's always doing things for our good and for the good of others that love him. Our stories don't happen in vain, I've found and for that, I am thankful!

  4. So very amazing what God leads us through {and pulls us out of}. And then we are stronger for it.

    I'm so happy you aren't short on spoons anymore :) My MIL just got new silverware, and I was lucky enough to inherit her old spoons!

  5. <3 So glad you have spoons. So many spoons! Always makes me think of the Spoon Theory.

    Even though yours isn't a pain thing...I still think it fits. <3

  6. Ooh so lovely <3

    (And why can't butter knives get up and run away... I have enough for the entire neighbourhood...)

  7. Seriously, wha is it about spoons. We bought an entire new silverware set a few months ago (From Bed, Bath and Beyond, too!) and seriously, we're down to two tea spoons and three soup spoons.

    I think as our children get older, and their antics become less please-tell-me-every-other-toddler-does-this-cute-or-weird-thing and more their own individual decisions. It doesn't feel right to share something that is now more his story than yours. I feel that starting to happen with AJ - I'm justnot telling as many stories about him because they are his to tell.

  8. our spoons disappear too.

    i think noah is the one winning.



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