February 22, 2011

I Think You're Wonderful

 i think you're wonderful
I fell in love with a pillow yes I did.
[Purchased from Olive on etsy.]

It's the little things

that i love about most days

and you

and them.

Husband, I think you're wonderful for being such a support  go! he said when I mentioned BlogHer this year. So I go. Totally on a whim I got my ticket today. Will you be there, too?

Other things I think you're wonderful knitting class tonight + friend bringing us famous baked mac & cheese dinner + this friend, this one, i love you, heart her (they all kept my family fed and cupboards full the past week) + the many words at my heart doors when I thought I'd wrote them all away.


  1. I adore that pillow and I might copy you and buy it too.

    And I will be in San Diego this year, Zoe too. I hope we can meet, hug and have a cup of wonderful.


  2. I think you're pretty wonderful yourself.

  3. That pillow -- so cute!
    And yay for awesome husbands!

  4. How did we ever live before Etsy?

    I'll be at BlogHer too. My first!

  5. Great pillow!

    Yes, BlogHer is so close to me this year...I MUST go! Looking forward to seeing you there!

    I just went over to Love's blog from your link, and was so inspired but what a special person she is...and made a donation too!

    You most obviously have GREAT friends!

  6. I learned it from watching you, OK!

  7. like sarah said, you are a great teacher!

  8. oh no you didn't. Just when I'm "ok" with not going to BlogHER this year, you up and get a ticket.

    ugh, have a great time. You totally deserve it.

    And now maybe I'm reconsidering.

  9. I am not going to Blogher : (.

    And that pillow- LOVE!!!!

  10. You are so loved because you give so much love too Steph. It's all awesome. :)

    I don't believe I'll be at BlogHer this year, sure wish I could tho...

  11. love you, steph!
    i'm thankful for you every day.

    [and come over. maybe you should talk me into BlogHer.] =)

  12. Yay for going to BlogHer! I miss SoCal quite often. How do you always find the cutest stuff? Glad I have you on my feed so I can browse through you coolness :) Have a great day!

  13. Love the pwillow (that's how we say it over here, not a typo) :)

    No BlogHer for me.

    I'm so glad you have such good friends.

  14. Oh gosh, I love LOVE that pillow so much!! <3

    Planning for Blogher so far. We move in June to Texas, so it's so crazy to plan anything right now, just yet.

  15. It warms my heart to see such love from everyone to you.

  16. PLEASE post on BlogHer. I cant' decide whether to go or not...it all depends on who you ask: some say blissdom, some say mom 2.0, some say bloggy bootcamp. I don't know!

  17. I've fallen in love with several paintings on etsy and I've not regretted a single purchase.

    I think you're triply wonderful. So there.

  18. It looks like I'm not the only one that popped in to say "I think you're wonderful, too." Glad to hear you're going to BlogHer (well, glad and jealous - that's okay though, right?).

  19. I'll be there. I want to see: you :-).

  20. Oh!! I'm SO glad you'll be there. SO so glad!

  21. Adorable pillow. :)

    I won't be going to blogher this year. Between going to Hawaii, a mission trip to Haiti, my sister having a baby and the normal summer craziness, my sunny summer plate seems to be getting full.

    Hope you have a great weekend and the auditions are amazing!

  22. That etsy shop is filled with all kinds of wonderfulness!

  23. Fabulous pillow!

    And I will be at BlogHer. I bought my ticket back in September, because I like to plan ahead. It will be my first time, and I'm already panicking.

  24. i bought a ticket... but not sure i'll actually get out there. glad you're going though! have fun :-D

  25. Hooray for good friends who care deeply - in their words and in their actions.

    I won't be at BlogHer this year. We'll probably be driving through Montana around that time. ;)


  26. Where on Etsy did you find that adorable pillow? I searched Olive but I can't find it. Love it!

    1. I found it here! http://www.etsy.com/shop/OliveHandmade?ref=seller_info


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