February 17, 2011

Hi how are you?

 Chad & Ivy

We've had such a wonderful week seeing family we never get to see, people that I love so much and am going to dreadfully miss when they have to go back home, far away. It took all week for Ivy to finally warm up to my [favorite] cousin Chad... this photo was taken yesterday and he had to leave last night.

So, it's all been so surreal and I feel I'm all in my head and heart and not hearing about how everyone else is doing. If you get the chance, let me know how you are and maybe tell me something interesting -or even boring- about you that I don't already know.

I like having something to read to get my mind off the heavier things. Love to you all.


  1. I'm doing ok. I just finished helping my son do a project for school. Well, more like I did it mostly myself because I slacked off and didn't let him do it when he first brought the assignment home. It won't help him one bit that the project looked amazing, when he has NO idea what it's about. Next time I'll do better.

    I'm so sorry to hear about your poppal. I hope your heart mends with all the love and memories with him sealed in tight. I'm becoming pen pals with my nanny as we speak. I want to know about her, from her, before she's no longer able to tell me herself. She raised 6 amazing, different kids. I know she has wisdom I can use.

    Lastly, I hope you don't fade away too soon. I enjoy coming to your blog daily, to check in on what's happening in your world. I love the way you write. Adorable family. Thanks for sharing them, as well as yourself with us.
    Kristen in NC

  2. I just watched my own baby turn 12... He's as tall as I am and I am not sure how that happened...

  3. I had a bad day yesterday and taking a mental health day off work today -- it makes me feel so light. :)

    My sister had a baby almost four weeks ago and I totally underestimated how excited I'd be! Michael got to have a quick visit because he had to fly to Vancouver to teach a course this past weekend. I can't wait until this crazy quarter is over so I can either have them come up to visit, or I can escape for a weekend to go meet her.

  4. I've been thinking of you and praying for you all! I was in your shoes 5 years a go...my heart goes out to you!

    I'm SLACKING. I just briefly blogged about the slack that is my life.

    But on the up side, my littlest one turns 3 in just two weeks, and he's been chatting away about his superhero party. He's giggling and smiling and that makes my heart sing. :)

  5. Hey, Steph. I'm doing really well. But I'm so hungry.

  6. It is hard, I know.

    Ok...something light and fun that you don't know about me...well you know lots about me. But, I will tell you that for homeschool today, Seth wrote a fairy tale about Lego Ninjas who fight a T-Rex in Lego city. It was pretty awesome. They used swords, axes, blaster guns, lightsabers...it was great.

    Love you!

  7. I have decided to blow off the rest of today by taking the short people to the local museum of play. And when we get home? We're going to fry up a ginormous batch of falafel with spicy tahini sauce and watch a movie.
    It's going to be awesome.

    I'm sorry you have heavy things on your heart. Prayers for you.

  8. Did you know that I can roller skate backwards?

  9. I've been thinking about you & your family. xoxo

    I'm doing really, really well. The sun is shining and crocuses are blooming even though there's still snow in patches. A couple weeks ago I wrote a journal entry and what kept popping up was "Be positive, calm, and hopeful," and I've adopted that as my mantra lately. It's totally working for me.

  10. Hi Steph. Did you know that I bought my first pair of bootcut jeans three weeks ago? I'm weaning off the flares. And right now? I'm having withdrawls.
    Thinking about you a lot, praying for your strength. <3

  11. Love to you too, Steph. Been thinking about you.

    So...what's new? We're going to Minnesota this weekend to visit friends. We're looking to buy a place since baby #2 is coming and I can't decide between city and suburbs. And oh, I keep forgetting I'm pregnant again. Does that happen to anyone else?

  12. well, hey there! lately-what's been on mind that seems so surfacey and non-important- i have been wanting to wear heels. okay, i feel dumb for even typing that. but it's true. i just want to slip on some fun heels and go, even if it is just to target.

  13. Hey Steph,

    Today I feel poopin' tired. So I'm going to brew my first cup of coffee of the day (it's 1:31pm).
    Other than that I continue the joyful (and tedious) process of purging and selling as many of our possessions as we can before we move.
    I just sold our tv, my Nikon 50mm lens (it didn't work with my camera), our crib, baby gate and a baby monitor.
    I love purging.

    Wishing you a lighter day.

  14. xoxo

    Did you remeber when alot of us met? How many years ago now?

    Seems like forever ago.

    Did you know when I am having a really, really bad day,I think of some fun, hilarious times we have all had?

    Like sitting in a place for hours watching you tube about things in boxes.

    or constant email strands that go on forever.

    OR that time with the walkie talkies.

    good times.

  15. Lots of hugs! I've never been through a loss as close as yours, and I so wish I had the magic words to make everything better....

    Whats going on? Hmmm... I'm busy looking at PINK! ;)

    And the temps are in the 70's in good ole GA! :)

    Praying blessings and peace on you today.

  16. You've been on my heart a lot this week.

    Something you don't know about me - I never went on a honeymoon. We'll be married 10 years in October and we're going on one then.

    I can't wait :)

  17. I'm thinking about doing a better job of leaving comments on my favorite reads. I don't come out of google reader often.

    Hope your day is looking up.

  18. I'm thinking about doing a better job of leaving comments on my favorite reads. I don't come out of google reader often.

    Hope your day is looking up.

  19. Spending time with family can be a blessing. Love the photo!

    Random fact: I make a fishy face...a lot. I actually got caught doing it for Garret while the preacher was marrying us (he was a little jittery so I was trying to lighten the mood!). And my niece loves many things about me, mostly my jewelry collection, but her favorite thing of all is the fishy face!

  20. Just read your About Me. Love the name LaRue. . .too cute.

  21. Um, I need a haircut and dye? Also, I smell Spring in the air.

  22. Lots of hugs and love... hmmm... what else can I say.

    Gretchen's doing MUCH better... the sickness is finally leaving us with the help of some icky antibiotics, but I'm happy to see her happy. Her smiles mean the world to me.

    Spring is also coming... I can smell it today and the snow has started to melt. I think I'll be a happy mama again soon.

  23. You are too sweet. Really. I wish I were there to hug you.

    So, we're desperately trying to get rid of the flu here. Oldest son just came home with a whopper of a headache. Praying he doesn't get it. Otherwise, weather's been beautiful here and I can't take part in it's beauty because I'm sick. Blerg.

    Oh, and if you're in need of a laugh (and you probably are), come see the hilarious Valentine my son received. I still can't stop giggling about it.

    Love to you, sweetie.

  24. Hey Steph.
    We're doing okay here at our house. Emery is sick with a fever, which means I am pretty much getting NOTHING done ;)
    One thing you don't know about me...I am scared of fish...I don't like being in the lake or ocean because I know they are swimming around me...so I guess this also makes me very odd ;)
    Love to you and yours!


  25. SOmething interesting...I will write this...since it's almost like it's anonymous b/c you don't know me...but I received prophetic word for me just five days ago. I"m so excited and crazy nervous about what God is calling me to be and do. Let's just say that it includes speaking at women's events and being an ambassador for Christ. My prayer is Eph 6: 19.

    My deepest sympathies on the passing of your grandfather.

  26. Hey there - things are nuts here. i have been working a ton and my house shows it. we are having my baby girl's 4th birthday party this sunday and i will be prepping for that once i meet a client deliverable for tomorrow. my oldest son gets his webelos badge tonight. he will be a 2nd yr webelos next year. so crazy. i still remember when he was this little cub scout cub. my MIL invited my oldest daughter to spend the weekend with her and it just totally shocked me. she never invites any of my kids to sleep over. ok that's all i can right quickly. i hope this was enough to distract you for a bit! hang in there. hugs!

  27. It's so sweet of you to ask when you are the one we need to be checking on Steph!

    Let's see, what's up over here... G is sick, bad cough, we haven't been sleeping that well. K is talking up a storm and she loves to say "ruff, ruff" when she sees a real dog or one in a book. And B is finally getting his second top tooth back in after losing it a while ago. Oh and the hubs is still working too hard, but what's new? ;)

    Love that photo. So glad you got to spend time with family... xoxo

  28. My thumbs are double jointed. I've been fighting a migraine all day and I'm cautiously optimistic that I might win. I got my first migraine at 16 on a family vacation to Orlando. I laid in the backseat of the car while we were driving and I very seriously thought I was going to die. I would much rather be in labor than have a migraine. I really, really with all my heart always wanted to be a teacher. Sometimes I wish I wouldn't have had that feeling in my heart for so long.
    I love you more than cupcakes, but you should already know that one. :)

  29. We miss you, but are so glad you are in the moments with your family. The sun is shining here and it is 70 degrees. This has made it clear to me that I cannot put the "winter feet" pedicure off any longer. :)

  30. I just placed these lovely koi decals on my bedroom walls and they make me very happy!


  31. I am sorry for the loss of your grandpa. The love of family is a wonderful thing to be surrounded with at these times.

    My Dad died when I was 22. I miss him every day. My kids never met him, but they know if they ever so casually mention that "IcecreamGrandpa" (for that's what the grandkids who knew him called him) would like them to eat something cold, they will get ice cream no matter what time of day it is! Little boogers.

  32. Family time is great but sometimes the reason we get together is not always a great one!

    Lil tidbit: I am eating gummy bears right now. By the handful. I started and now I can't stop...

  33. thinking of you...so sorry for your loss. the only grandparent i've lost passed away before i was born...so i have no idea what you are going through. my dad died last may, though...i miss him every single day.

    the picture of ivy & your cousin is so sweet.

    since you don't know me, there's much i could say. :) i've become a knitting maniac since we moved in october. we've moved 9 times since i gave birth to my first child (she'll be 5 in may).

  34. I lost my grandfather, who was so dear to me, a year and a half ago. I'm so glad you get to spend this time with your family.

    An interesting tidbit: I just read that if you want to have a baby on 11/11/11, you should conceive tomorrow to increase your chances. Not that you're trying or anything (I don't even know that), just interesting.

  35. I once owned a car. A purple Honda Civic to be exact. And her name was Princess Exuberance of Shanequa. Pretty random, huh? :)

  36. Um, let's see, I'm terrified of the dark. I hate Oreos and plain potato chips. And though I'll never admit it to my husband, I really did buy my Droid primarily for the games.

  37. As I sat in the sunshine today watching my kids play happily together, I thought of my grandmother and how many hours she sat in the sunshine watching me and my brother. And thinking of her made me think of you and your grandparents. And so you got some extra sun-kissed prayers today!

    My tidbit: I am deliriously happy that my little one loves being in a sling. Both of my boys hated them. Now (it seems) both of my girls love them! :-)

  38. Olivia just turned Nine Months Old on Feb 6. She cut her first tooth, with a second AND THIRD coming in now. And?

    And and?

    She said her first word.


    To me.

    But hey...

    Hugs, sweet lady.

  39. I love to see that big smile on her face - it's magical.

    I'm a bit more glowy today since I made the big announcement - http://www.tothinkistocreate.com/2011/02/17/on-new-life/

    and am praying for y'all to never leave that haven of peace you are in. It's such a bummer when real life has to go on.

  40. I've spent the past several months wearing my new baby quite a lot (in my Moby and then our Ergo carrier) and have thought of you and how you'd be proud :)

    I'm sorry for your loss, but so glad to know your Poppal is in glory now.


  41. Many hugs to you. I remember when my grandpa passed away 4.5 years ago, having that same feeling of loving being around all the family and friends...I think that's exactly how he wanted things...for everyone to enjoy each other despite the sad circumstances.

    I'm OK today...my little guy has a nasty cold/cough and he had an awful nap and is now having an awful time trying to sleep. Uggg. Thankfully hubby is here to help.

    Love the picture, so sweet!

  42. Steph,
    First off, you have been in my prayers all week. Much love and peace to you.

    We are going to a waterpark this weekend and as you know packing 6 people is hard work...I am losing my mind but it will be worth the getaway.

    Take care, my dear!


  43. Praying for you, praying for your Mom and family... praying for Poppal... and answering your request.

    My Dad was born in Chicago. My Mom was born in Boston. They met on New Year's Eve 1950, in Boston, on a blind date. My Dad was in the Navy and he was stationed at Chelsea Naval Hospital. They were married in August 1950, in Boston, and each of my Mom's 3 sisters and 2 brothers were in their wedding party. My grandparents in Michigan could not leave their farm and all their chores to come to the wedding, so my Mom and Dad honeymooned in Michigan, on my grandparents' farm. My older brother was born in May 1951, 9 months and 3 days after their wedding. My Mom is adamant about those 3 days! I was born 16 months later in Michigan and was brought home to that farm. My younger brother was born in Michigan in 1955. We traveled with my Dad everywhere he went... he was the most handsome, wonderful, kind, funny, beautiful souled, brilliant man... who stayed with us on earth until 1975. He is in heaven right now with your Poppal... where all the angels are. They take good care of us from there... and they especially visit our children... every single day. Your Poppal, with his brilliant smile and dancing eyes, is with you, your Mom, his family and your children right now. I know you already know this... but it's good when others know it, too. Sending all my love and deepest, deepest sympathy at your grievous loss, Steph... xo

  44. precious photo of him reading to her! she looks so happy!!

    The Smith Circle

  45. Yesterday I overheard the boys having this conversation:
    Miles (standing very very close to Asher) - Asher, aren't you so glad we're brothers?
    Asher - (beaming up at Miles) - YES!

    Then they sort of giggled kind of shy-like and moved on.

    Oh my heart. I mean, it took a long time for Miles to want Asher around, and now he's saying these things and I'm just so so so grateful.

    Thinking of you,

  46. hi steph

    here are a few things to distract or cheer you.

    1 - i'm ok although having recently split up with my bf of 2.5 yrs i'm having to cope with the emotional fallout of that transition. dear friends & family are helping.

    2 - i always find knitting great therapy at difficult times so i hope you're doing plenty as i know we share that passion.

    3 - what you're going through reminds me of when my whole family gathered at my grandparents' house to wait for my grandpa to die. it was such a special time and we drank champagne the morning he died to celebrate his life. just felt right.

    4 - fun fact: i was born the day elvis died.

    take care steph, nancy xx

  47. Take care of yourself sweet blogger.

    I am a hospice nurse and have such a rich vision of what you are going through; I see it so much. Enjoy this precious time. What a gift for your Poppal to be surrounded by his family as he begins his newest journey. It gives me chills. Death is sad, but also amazing.


    Summmer www.queenbloggy.com

  48. Today the sun is shining but there is still ice on Lake Michigan. It's floating around in little patches, like something you expect to see penguins floating on.

  49. Thinking of you and your family. :)

    Let's see, you don't really know me, but I've been following your blog for awhile and enjoy reading your posts and looking at your pics.

    I love Friday's. I work in a elem school library and it's our lightest class load day of the week. Just four classes, so we actually get work done in the morning before the classes come. Today we rearranged the library, moved furniture and the smart board, so when the librarian is teaching she doesn't have kids acting up behind her back, lol. Oh, and we had a fire drill today, too. And I must say all 500 or so of our kids behaved really well. Right now we have a kindergarten class in here and they are watching a little video of "Chicka Chicka Boom Boom" (one of my favorite children's books) on the smartboard.

    I can't wait to see my kids after work and it's pizza and a movie night! :)

  50. I have no voice today. Which makes my crappy job even worse, because I answer phones. Weeee!

    I leave for WPPI on Sunday and am so excited to take a break from being a caretaker and be able to concentrate on myself for a few days. I've told myself I can only worry about my husband for 5 minutes a day while I'm gone. That's all I'm allowed.

    I can flare my nostrils like a bunny rabbit and when my daughter was born and they put her on my chest, the first thing I latched onto was the fact that she was flaring her nostrils like crazy. She was my girl!

    I can also wiggle my ears. Both together, or independently.

    Oh, and Obama is in my town today to give a talk on technology.

  51. What is going on here???? Well my baby girl is 29 weeks old and cutting her second tooth. I want time to slow down some!
    We are having springlike weather here and are outside soaking up as much of it as we can.
    Prayers and hugs are being sent to you!

  52. When my grandfather died we all flew to California to be together. All six of my mother's siblings, their spouses, the kids, the grandkids, the great-grandkids. It was so beautiful, and such a testimony to the legacy he left behind. I sense that your family is much the same and I'm so glad that y'all are finding joy in your togetherness, even as you mourn.

    As for something silly or boring about me--I have to be in the front, on the left side of the instructor, at Zumba. Otherwise I get all confused! ;)

  53. The Chicken is trying my patience as she thinks that she will be the next iCarly or something. She is constantly filling my hard drive with videos she makes of random things and always wanting to have parties. Also, why am I the last person to know about these parties?

    ((hugs)) for you.

  54. I like pineapple on my pizza.

    I feel playdough colors should not be mixed.

    I'm going to Hawaii in April. My husband just won the trip at work and it's a big secret still. I figure you are good for not telling. :)

  55. I started zumba classes and absolutely love it. I wish there was a way that I could make these last few days easier for you. Just know that you are in my thoughts and prayers.

  56. in the middle of my hysteroscopy today (ouch) i loudly asked the doctor what exactly possessed him to want to look at vaginas all day long. mostly i just wanted someone to laugh because (ouch). it worked, he totally snorted. and then he told me all about how he got into the baby business and took my mind of the (ouch) procedure. and to top it off, i got good healthy uterus news at the end.

    love to you and yours, stephanie.

  57. Hugs to you, Steph. You and your family have been in my prayers this week. That pic of Ivy and Chad is precious. I have a similar one of my girls with my tattooed and pierced brother (their Uncle Tim) when they were that age. It's hard when family lives far. I know.
    Let's see...it's hard to think of something you might not know about me. I kind of tell all, all the time. How about some random? Our family is on a OneRepublic kick. They're all we listen to lately. Very chill. I like that. I'm on a baked oatmeal kick too. I could eat it all the time. And lastly, I'm still on the search for the 'perfect purse'. Starting to think it doesn't exist (for me anyway.)

  58. I totally love that photo. I have a "favorite cousin" too. Her name is Becky. :)



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