February 21, 2011

from the right bank


It is like, the last week of February. I don't know how that happened, but yet, the last week alone felt like a whole year so I s'pose that's how it's going to go for now.

I'm ready for new beginnings, new seasons, and whatever is awaiting to surprise me.

cute pants

This coming weekend is The Big audition weekend for Listen To Your Mother. I feel super mellow about it all and just know each piece and person will fall right into place. Then after that I have a lot of work to do, on top of the work I already do, but it's stuff I love. That's awesome... so much to keep me looking forward and not behind.


Also I don't know how to explain it but I- and my whole family- have felt like this blanket of peace, like a constant covering or pouring upon us- ever since my grandfather passed on. It's such a befuddling yet beautiful and amazing feeling.

ivy darling

On Ivy: pants by Right Bank Babies from Zulily which happens to also be on sale there today, too. Not sure what sizes are left. Tank by Shirin via The Mini Social. [When you sign up from my link at Zulily and The Mini Social, I get shop credit from your first purchase.]


  1. That picture of Ivy jumping is kinda sorta how my brain feels today.

    So glad you are feeling a "blanket of peace" that you don't know how to explain... the 'peace that passes all understanding' perhaps?

  2. Beautiful photos of your beautiful children, as always. I'm so glad that you have found peace in your grandfather's passing. I'm sure he's placing his hands on all of you right now and sending his love and guidance.

  3. loan me a corner of your blanket. i need it.

    and Ivy looks so big! it's scaring me!

  4. That's so funny because I had opened my zulily email earlier and saw those... come here and was like deja vu. ha

  5. Yes, life does go on and there are so many wonderful things awaiting us. I love the last picture of Ivy. She looks so much older.
    Thank you for being my driver yesterday. I love you.

  6. This is the peace that passes all understanding, for sure. xoxoxo

  7. do you know how many times i put those pants in my cart and then never bought them? i checked for them again and they were out of audrey's size. but they look super cute on ivy. of course, everything looks sweet on her.

    so glad you are doing well.

  8. Look at Miss Ivy - a little lady. Where's Baby Ivy?

  9. I saw those leggings on sale this morning and I got so excited! Until I saw they don't have Em's size : (

  10. I love hearing about LTYM. You're probably calm because you're just the kind of person who should be doing this--it just comes naturally.

    I'm so glad you feel peaceful.


  11. hey steph. long time no comment. i hope all is well with you guys and your family. i love watching little ivy grow up!!

    i just had a new baby and i wanted to ask you for your advice on a water sling.

    which one do you recommend?


  12. That feeling, my dear, is the "peace that passes understanding." A beautiful comfort in the midst of trial that doesn't make intellectual sense. :-) You are blessed and covered by so much prayer right now.

    I love peace that doesn't make sense. It quells any doubts I struggle with. Makes the trials worth it to have that blanket of peace.

  13. Mckennah,

    I would check out heavenly hold: http://www.heavenlyhold.com/category_42/Slings.htm
    and I think you can get a water sling by Taylor Made? And maybe Karma baby or Gypsy Mama?



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