February 7, 2011

A Case(y) Of You

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Emily cooked up a big ol' love on Casey celebration and today I'd like to say a few words about THE Moosh In Indy.

Ok, so, we both live in Indiana and had been blogging for a long time but would you believe it took us traveling to Kansas City to finally meet? Well, it did. And I don't know about her, but I instantly felt a connection.

Blissdom Closing Party
Blissdom '10

Casey opened her home to Ivy and me last summer to stay for a couple days and while I was there I felt like something was neither "off" nor "on" - just different. That next week I'd find out Casey was pregnant and she didn't even know it. Casey- my friend that I ached for because of the years she tried for a baby and then finally made peace with her infertility... she was going to have a baby. 

I cried, I was thankful, and I am so very happy for you, Casey. You are the type of friend that I can't wait to see again, your beauty just comes out from the inside of you, you are fearless- which amazes me- yet you will admit when you are afraid. You are knowing even without me having to say the words.

I have so much more to say but I've written you a novel in the package I sent (which you can open now) - enjoy. And know you are so loved, you are so special, there is so much promise in that life inside of you.


Emily is also hosting a giveaway post on her blog every Saturday where Casey (and a commenter) will be gifted an item. You should probably check it out, and, if you would like, go ahead and leave some love-on-Casey comments here, there, and everywhere (on Twitter you can include the #mozzi hashtag).


  1. Your words are just perfect for her, Steph. This is so lovely, as are the both of you.

    BIG congrats to Casey...I love that you're being loved on this way. So much.


  2. oh LOVE this.

    Casey is pretty great.

  3. Casey is such an amazing person & friend. As are you.

    Why are so many people I love so close yet so far away?

  4. Ah, I love this <3 I love Casey, too! (And I cried when she found out she was pregnant, too!)

  5. Oh my looooove.

    I have admired you for so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so long. That I can call you one of my most treasured kindred friends? Makes my heart flutter.

    You put so much beauty and hope out into the world, and truth be told, I want to be just like you when I grow up.

    Thank you for loving me, and for trusting me. And for sticking by my side through that whole Kansas City hotel hallway thing, that was weird right?

    to the moon and back.


    (also? the outfit? I DIE OF THE CUTE! thank you...hopefully Mozzi can keep up with Ivy.)

  6. This is so wonderful. Internet friend love is so good. :)

  7. This is cool. What a poetic tribute to your friend.

    And what a blessing for her...a new life to love after a very long wait.



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