January 30, 2011


  slugbug shoes

Gray got new shoes and I didn't think it was possible but he also got ten times cuter.

It hit me the other day that, now that it's officially 2011, he will start school this fall.

My life is starting to roll out like a carpet, I can see the things up ahead and am less tied down from back here. No more babies, just kids that only keep getting older and more independent... it's new. And surprising.

How different the day will look when it's just Ivy & me. And then, I'll blink, and it's just me.

Maybe I'll actually be available to help out and volunteer at school, maybe I"ll take some classes, maybe I'll finally clean the house.Or take a nap.

Maybe I'll be busy resting from the complicated-whatever-world as a mom of teenage boys.

I found the shoes on clearance at Piperlime. Gray was so excited. They had retro Volkswagen Beetles on them and I clicked buy as fast as I could before he grew another size or changed his mind.


  1. life happens way too fast. i'm just going to go snuggle lucy, now.

    and i love these shoes. i keep wavering over the "buy now" button on 6pm.com to get these for emma. my first car was a'69 bug and i'm kind of obsessed with these.

  2. just became a new follower...great stuff. Kids are awesome, aren't they? Doesn't matter what age :)


  3. That's cool. Kids grow up very fast, days come by so fast. And everything was a whirlwind. Must be a very proud mom of two boys.

  4. Kids do grow up very, very fast. I'd like to be able to get in a time machine and visit the past when they were little. I'd probably see things from a whole new perspective. As they grow up and become more independent, you always wonder "where did that come from? I don't remember teaching them that." Then when they become adults, you breathe a deep sigh of relief and think "wow I must have done something right."

  5. I love the different socks!

  6. I have two kids that have never in their lives worn a matching pair of socks... and ALAS new shoes always make them look bigger!!!

  7. Love those feet! Cute shoes, cute socks!

    Life moves way too quickly when little ones are involved!

  8. It is so fast, so fleeting...

    I am needing to by my 13 year son size men's 14 shoes this week.

    Seriously, can't we squish them little.

  9. oh, life is moving so fast, so fast. In some ways I'm grateful because as much as I love babies, it can start to feel a little stifling being surrounded by needy little people. And then I think, wow, volunteering for school stuff? Am I ready for this kind of outside responsibility? Ha!

    I know I am very much looking forward to having that only, last baby at home. I was the baby of my family and I remember how much time my mother and I spent just hanging out when my brother started kindergarten.

  10. LOVE the shoes but love the socks maybe even more!! Where??

  11. I got them long ago from Urban Baby Runway- they are a brand called Sourpuss!


  12. The mismatching socks! Gotta love that.


  13. Blogging can be tricky. i have posts that hang over my head for days or some that never get written. i understand your desire to end, but know that you would leave a large hole in the blogsphere. you have a way of articulating so much of what moms are also dealing with!

  14. Thank goodness you are quick to click!! ;P Love 'em!

  15. Wow, velcro shoes have gotten so much more stylish!

  16. Funny, I've been feeling the same way. :)

    It makes watching my youngest grow up a little less harder. Knowing that I can do things for myself soon, like go back to school, take classes, etc. Leave the house for the grocery store without taking the kids with me. Or clean the living room without worrying about turning around ten minutes later and having it be trashed again.


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