January 12, 2011

party pants


Everything is for Ivy's party. And her party never stops.

In the morning, I say let's get you dressed! and she says, "for my party?!"

and of course if shoes need to be put on, it is because she's going to her party.

And every item we buy at the grocery store is "for my party!" 

And these new polka dot pants came in the mail yesterday: "party pants for my party!" 


(Her birthday was back in September, btw.) 

What a way to live your days... 

I'm not ever telling her the party's over.

The party pants were free with my zulily credits. Thank you to all that have signed up. I've been saving up for tomorrow's big Oilily sale! 


  1. I love the pants! Simply adorable!

  2. Ha! We've got some party pants goin on in our house, too. Hey, if you've got a house full o' little kids, there really IS always a party.

  3. too cute! Love the site, signed up with your link

  4. whoooo.
    party time!

    super cute pants for a super cute lulu :)

  5. This age is just the absolute best. Libby is always talking about her Christmas presents and her Christmas party and sings Rudolph all.day.long. I love it though, oh so much!

  6. Life is a party! She has such a positive outlook on her life. Hopefully that will never change! Adorable.

    Speaking of parties...here is the link of my girl's party from this past weekend.


  7. lol that's hilarious! What a cutie <3 And definitely not a bad way to go through life.

  8. Linus is still celebrating Christmas. This morning he ran out to the living room shouting, "Let's see what Santa left in my stocking." The stockings have been stowed for weeks, but he just ran around collecting what had been in there.


  9. We could all learn from Ivy!

  10. Love the party pants!

    My almost three year old has a favorite pair of pants.

    At our house it is trick or treat pants. Black pants with a candy print. Very Halloweenish.

    Except we are still wearing them, every week.

  11. Maybe life would be better if we all did everything for our parties, too.

    Now I have to go make dinner. For my party. :)

  12. i wanna party with her everyday!

  13. My 4-year-old girl is the same way...always talking about "the party," although she changes up who the party's for depending on whose birthday most recently happened. You said it well, "what a way to live your days." Wouldn't we love to be in that mindset all the time?!

  14. I wanna go to Ivy's party one of these days....sounds like a happenin' place for sure :-)

    Love the pants!

  15. I'm going to keep crossing my fingers that Zulily will ship to Canada someday!!

  16. Yep, kiddos have got it right: Life is a party! So awesome they can teach us that :-)

    The pants are awesome!

  17. My 2.5 year old daughter is always talking about her party too. Her birthday isn't till May, but she doesn't believe me. My favorite thing is when she tells me who is bring what. My uncle's wife is bringing drinks, and Winnie the Pooh is bringing balloons.

  18. Those are some cute party pants. My Violet loves a good party and we have them for any reason here.

  19. I really need a pair of party pants. Just sayin'....


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