January 22, 2011

like the wind blows

You know when Forrest Gump goes running and run-ning and then one day he ran enough, and he was done, and he wanted to go home?

I wonder if I will write and write and write myself right off the page...

because I think I am always in a way writing and word-ing and wishing

that it will take me


or to a place that tells me it's time

to go home.

And I'll just know

that I know that I know.


  1. I love your posts but I hope you write yourself off the page.

    speaking of writing...did you see this?

  2. Half of your posts are always so cryptic...

  3. lol at anon. well, not at them...but funny. it is hard to write as transparently as you do, but still leave so much of your life & heart not on these pages. the parts that just can't go here. whether too sacred or too overlapped with others hearts to have a right to go here.

    i love when he's done. when he just knows.

  4. My favorite movie. I think you will just know Stephanie. Maybe then you will turn your attention to a book. That would be an enjoyable read :) One thing I know is that you will have a lot of us here with you as you figure out your journey.

  5. Dooooode.

    uh huh.

    I love thinking of it like Forrest Gump running and then being done. Just knowing. Thank you.

  6. Hehe. Anon's comment made me laugh. I think that's the beauty of your blog...you don't give too many facts or details or concrete thoughts. They are a bit more open ended....open for the reader's interpretation, which helps us to understand and perhaps express our own feelings or thoughts that were all jumbled up before.

    Thank you.


  7. You will know :)

    cryptic or not... i love it ! you are so honest in your writing , i think it makes your readers more easily "see" you as a real person. ( does that make sense?)

  8. After reading the first line, I thought you were talking about breastfeeding. ;)

    But writing makes so much more sense!

    I hope you always keep writing. It is you.

  9. i love the circular movement of this...isn't it lovely what writing does? helps us find ourselves....

  10. Heh! I think of that movie scene from time to time. And all the people who were following him while he was running. And then when he stopped running, they didn't know what to do.


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