January 24, 2011

for no reason

I had a long drive with a childhood friend the other night and we talked about how we're no longer the kids, but have the kids. And how weird is that because I still feel like the kid most days.

And no matter how hard we try to do this or that or read and follow or create and apply

there really is no guarantee.


They are who they are, and they are human, we can only guide

and pray and believe.

I was a good kid, I loved God, I had awesome parents, I got straight A's, I did a lot of things right and yet

I made a whole lot of really bad choices.

And in another twenty ten years I'm going to look back at the me of now and, you know. Huh I can look back to last week, to yesterday, and think of plenty of crappy choices. But at the time... you know.

just because cupcakes

I am just doing my best, which might just be my best at trying to do my best. Sometimes that's hardly meeting the day half-way. Sometimes it's a straggler, a dangle-r hang-er on, a barely got by, and sometimes I am a rockstar.


  1. Yes. :-)

    Thinking of the rockstar days gets me through the straggler ones.

    Love that photo of Ivy!

  2. yum....cupcakes.....

    I'm with Haley...those rock star days help get me through all the other (most) ones.

  3. I think we've all made some bad choices in our life time. I had a rock star day yesterday, cause I got to have lunch with you, Ivy & Gray. And I'm glad you celebrated your day with cupcakes.

  4. I feel exactly the same way! Sometimes I wonder why "someone's" not coming to get these kids and then I realize they are REALLY mine!
    I am constantly amazed how some parenting days I'm a rockstar and the very next day I am SO not.

  5. If you would like to send me some of those yummy cupcake just because, I wouldn't be mad at you hehe! Love this post!

  6. The cupcakes look divine :)
    This has me all teary.... because yes... you know.

  7. we're all just doing our best. it's the only thing we can do. eloquent.

    (bizarrely, this completely sums up my attitude towards tattoos. i can look back on the first ones i got and think that maybe that wasn't the best choice. but it's the choice i made, right or wrong, and it brought me here. it's my story, my path, my history. i can look at those and remember those moments. #tangent)

  8. I hear you!
    To me, it is so comforting to read that someone else thinks like this.

  9. Yes!!! I sometimes can't believe I'm the mom, still feel like a kid so often. ha!

    My dad once wondered out loud if he'd ever feel old... and mentioned an elderly relative by name and said "I wonder if he feels old. Sometimes I just look in the mirror and wonder where this old guy came from."

  10. I give myself the gift of the present
    I bless the past and leave it behind
    Trusting in God's own right action
    I'm in the right place, right on time.

    That is a quote but I don't know the author.

    I don't know when you feel old but sometimes I wonder why my body isn't what it used to be. That part of you that is your soul does not age.

  11. I bet you're a rockstar more than not!!!

    Rock on!

  12. Also, I remind myself that in 10 years I'll look back at pictures and think How Young I LOOK!!

  13. I totally agree.
    I look around some days and think, "I have two kids? I feel like a kid myself!"

  14. Wait. There's no guarantee? Well, great.

    I think your best is pretty darn rock star fabulous. Cupcake fabulous, even.

  15. "They are who they are..."

    "we can only guide..."

    So true and a much needed reminder for me over here some days!

    Thanks for sharing and I'm with you, I still feel like the kid much of the time, how is it we have a 12 year old this TH???

  16. Oh man, I completely get this. Every part of it.

    And now I'm craving cupcakes!

  17. oh love this post. so very true!! they are who they are
    we just do our best
    it is what it is
    tomorrow is a new day

    and you my dear, ARE a rock star!

  18. Sometimes I am in awe that I am in charge of three little beings, especially when I make poor choices or do things I regret. I take great care to do what I feel will make the world better for them. Those rockstar days? They make it worth fighting for more.

  19. just because cupcakes are my favorite kind.

    your post kind of reminded me about golfing. i am not very good at it, but i always hit one, beautiful, awesome, so-close-to-the-hole shot that makes me want to come back for more. but those shots are definitely not like most of my drives.

    kind of, sort of like you were describing. :)

  20. Love this post. It totally kid close to home. You are absolutely correct. There is no guarantee, only Hope. And through Hope in the Lord we can guide our children and be the best mommy and wifey we can be! Glad i found your blog! Thanks for sharing

  21. new follower. cupcakes can get me through anything.:) thecoolkidsblog.com

  22. Just the other night, my husband looked at me, then looked at our four children and asked, "how did this happen?! How do WE have four kids?" I completely knew what he meant. Seems like we were just teens, dating and goofing around ...
    Girl, I made more than my share of mistakes, too. And I also had a great home, parents who loved me, and a great church family... I'm just hoping and praying that my kids will learn from my mistakes (of course, they'll probbaly make all new ones!)
    Man, I need cupcakes.


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