December 9, 2010

this charmed life.

christmas tree

it feels like things settle into their grooves and the click-together of the puzzle presses in. Smooths out.

And I look around and am, like, maybe hearing the whisperhush you're right on time, Steph.

The warm tea, the jam band kitchen dancing, the eyes closed, the mis-matched, the strange, the out-of-the-ordinary, the kind, the yarn, the Heart, the living.

It's like of all the things I get to do in the meantime of this life, on the way to wherever I am on my way to, this is what I always wanted and

I didn't even know it.



  1. beautiful, and oh Ivy's expression in the last pictures is ADORABLE.

  2. You say so much with so few words...that would have taken me pages to say.

  3. have I told you how much I savor your truffles of writing? Bite size, rich, and absolutely a treat.

    Ivy's expression in that last photo looks so much like what I see in Axel - this age...Mmmmmyumyum.

  4. I know that feeling.

    (And have mercy, could your children be any cuter than they are?!)

  5. ahhh...perfectly un-perfect and true. and look at that face...oh my!

  6. YES. you amaze me, Steph. you always have these amazing revelations and explain them with such eloquence and beauty. love every word of this post!!

  7. So true! And can I just reach out and pinch those adorable cheeks? Do I have to be 87 years old to qualify to do that?

  8. These days are beautiful and your words are so lovely ... then in the 2nd picture Ivy's look maybe saying "and then there are other days ..." she is adorable, all your children are (they must take after mom)!

  9. I was going to just write "YES!" but then I saw that everyone did. Ha! We're all right there with you, darling. So yes. And yes. And that's exactly right.

  10. I love the pics! Your children are adorable : )

  11. isn't this the truth, oh yes.

    btw- my post on wearing only what i love- totally thought of Gray and his love for his specific pants/shirts. he has inspired me, no doubt. :)

  12. Love. Love those moments when I enjoy the moment before it passes.

  13. Your writing makes my heart leap. It's lovely.

    P.S. Ivy's pajamas are adorable, especially when paired w/ rain boots.



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