December 11, 2010

things I made


This week my only goal is to make paper snowflakes with the kids.

Here's some articles I've written elsewhere the past few days:


  1. I want them to make snowflakes for my french door windows. A fun project for this evening.

  2. Those bracelets are awesome! I've been crafting for Christmas, too, but I'm pretty sure I got in a little over my head. I have, what, 12 days to finish like 15 different gifts? Yikes. I really want to read your article about crafts for poor people but the site is down for maintenance. I've found that old wool sweaters, felted in the washing machine, are the perfect inexpensive craft material :-)

  3. Love the seed stitch bracelets.

  4. I love those braclets! So pretty! Did you knit them yourself or are they upcylcled?

    I have a how to fold/cut a six pointed snowflake tutorial posted on my blog! Check it out:

  5. I love my bracelet so much and my cup holder. (I probably wanted to wear my bracelet when I first woke up this morning but resisted but wish I hadn't.)

    I love that you knit.

  6. Oh I'll have to check it out!! I knitted those!


  7. I fell asleep with mine on last night!
    You have some mad knitting skills my friend.

    and I love you.

  8. that is a good goal.

    My goal is to make a popcorn garland with the kids. Without eating half the popcorn.

  9. OMG! The bracelets are heavenly! You outdid yourself!!! Make them snowflakes =)

  10. Mmm Ms Steph you really do have talent, and I'm slightly, slighly jealous! Hahaha


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