December 23, 2010

These are the things


candlelight services, wax dripped on paper plates

Peter Paul & Mary PBS Christmas special

my first Guess? sweatshirt

reindeer hooves on the roof above my bed


straw and a cabbage patch doll in a manger

singing Silver Bells in the car "dressed in holiday style"

watching the moon follow us as we drove home


It's like I never grew up, was just a long sleep

I remember.


[What do you remember?]


  1. Some many memories and traditions we used to have when I was little, now trying to make our own is hard.
    Blending two very different backgrounds creates an interesting mess :-)

    Ivy is so cute, I'm so glad they played well together.

  2. All the lights off except the Christmas tree lights, Life Saver Storybooks, my sister and my cousins and me, all in matching jammies, my Dad in his Santa hat, making his "Grinchyclaus" face, Grandmama Clover making the orange juice (from frozen concentrate!) in the blender on Christmas morning, because the four granddaughters loved it frothy, the December night I told Al I loved him for the first time (many long months after he'd said it to me first, poor Al!) and how very much I knew I meant it, and our wedding two Christmases later.

  3. I remember getting up before my Sissy and switching the Barbie & Skipper dolls, so I had the Barbie. I'm glad you had good childhood memories of Christmas.

  4. A Christmas tradition when I am at my parents home is that my baby brothers (now 19 and nearly 17) spend the night in my room, and then we get up at around 5/5:30 and the youngest plays Christmas music on the piano while we sing at the top of our lungs until our mother offers to placate us with party mix. Eventually, an hour later she gives up and we go upstairs to open gifts in a circle, drinking in hot coffee and then have a huge Christmas breakfast. I'm a wee bit sad to not be there this year, but I'm thinking of calling and singing to them over the phone. You know, cause they'd miss it. :)

  5. I love your memories, Steph.

    I remember red velvet dresses and soft squishy curlers in my hair before singing in the Christmas program at church on Christmas Eve.(and getting a big book of lifesavers afterwards!)

    Listening to Sunshine and Snowflakes on the record player for a full week.

    Rotating parties with hoards of cousins at our house, my aunts, my uncles.

    Opening a giant fire truck and remote control jeep from dad, to daughters #4 and #5.

    Merry Christmas Steph!! Joy joy joy to the world and your corner of it.

  6. I remember the year all I wanted was a microscope, and on Christmas eve we got to pick one present to open. My brother had told me which gift was the microscope, and I was SOO excited!!! I tore into it! It was a pair of black boots lined with grey sweater material. I can still hear my evil brother laughing! :o){and nope, I never did get the microscope} He is lucky I still adore him.

    and my great grandma's peanut buttter fudge. yum.

  7. Watching the moon follow us home.


    I *still* do this as Stephen drives us home from whatever destination, listening to Olivia's feet kick in her car seat or her heavy breath as she drifts to sleep.

    And I hope that she will wonder about the moon when she gets older.

    And watch it follow us home.

  8. I remember sneaking out of bed on Christmas, usually around 3am. Every year, even in high school. I had to see the tree and stocking in their full, packed glory, in the dark, just as Santa left them...

    Wishing you and your family a joyous day, Steph. It's going to be beautiful, you'll see.


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