December 3, 2010


homemade soaps

A reader,
Rhen from Yes They Are All Mine sent me a sweet gift in the mail. She makes homemade goat milk soaps. I love them. And look- totally didn't plan this but she has a giveaway going on.

You're not going to believe the conversation I had with my boys last night- I've posted it at Real Moms Guide today- What do you do when your kid's friends are "meanies?"

Other Real Moms Guide posts this week I'd love for you to check out:

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And lastly, over at NWIparent Magazine I have a sweet Hershey's Stocking giveaway.

So, enough about me. I have had a hard time catching up on reading other blogs. Is there a post of yours or something you've read that you'd like to let me know about? I don't want to miss a thing! Link up below and I'll make my way around. (And even if you think I've read it, feel free to post any post you might want others to read!)

Hope you have a fabulous weekend!

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