December 13, 2010

... a life worth living


I remember a big kitchen set,

and this Barbie-sized ivory baby grand piano that I loved but who knows what happened to it, so now I am left searching for it on ebay. (I’m thisclose to buying it.) (It really plays!)

Early Christmas morn I was the only one up and I touched the keys and they played SO LOUDLY that I jumped clear across the room, heart-racing, thought I’d woke the whole house.

And I remember how one year all I wanted was that plastic candy cane filled with Bonnie Bell lip smackers from Walgreen’s. Seriously, what was that? $3.99?

I still want one.

I’m trying to stick to all-handmade but this year the kids are being seriously cute with their wish lists- like journals and a kick ball and musical instruments.

I’ve found it’s one thing to give simply. It’s another thing to get the kids to ask for simple presents in the first place.

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