December 4, 2010



It's true that I don't have childcare for when I'm writing, so I'm usually staying up too late or am working away with children flying about while my legs are used as hurdles or frames for tent houses.

It's glamorous.

We cleared the dining table and threw blanket upon blanket and they have been playing in there all morning. I keep hearing them slap each other but no one's coming to me crying, so.

They are taking everything in there. Five thousand stuffed animals, the button tin, boiled egg whites in a glass dish, books, and my Christmas decorations.


I explained one of my favorite Bible verses, Proverbs 18:10, "
the name of the Lord is a strong and mighty tower, the righteous run in and are safe."

If there's one thing I can teach them, I hope it's that they can call on His name. And know.

Now they're asking me to slide under a plate of hummus and crackers. I'm a mom. Sometimes it hits me hard.

I'm a mom.

That's crazy.

That's amazing.

I am so filled with thankfulness.

Also, if you let your kids sleep under the fort they will wake you up giggling at 5:30 in the morning.

And you will make yourself some tea, and roll with it.


  1. Haha! I love this. I remember there being something so magical about forts when I was a kiddo. What an awesome mom for just going with the flow and letting them enjoy it! That's what they'll remember years from now :)

  2. Glamorous, for sure! :-) I love how you worked a scripture lesson in there. I need to work the scripture into our daily lives more.

  3. That is my kind of glamour. Those are the moments that you will remember years and years from now.

  4. that looks like fun- i wanna join in! i made a tent a couple of weeks ago with audrey, i think it's time to do it again. i can't wait till naomi is big enough to join in. playmates are the best. i wonder how many audrey will have.

    you are an awesome mom, i hope you know that.

  5. I miss the fort building days.

    Also, giggles and laughs are the best way to get woken up.

  6. I know you hear this all the time but you are so inspiring! Lately I have really been wishing for some specific time when I can just write/design/work without the kids clamoring for attention, but really, I love 'em too much and would miss the blanket-fort moments.

  7. it's the best life isn't it! {grin}


  8. There's just so much glamour in a mom's life. SO MUCH. ;)

    PS - I think I would like to sleep in the fort, too.

  9. Forts are awesome! Mine end up making fort "cities". It makes the living room totally impassable. LOL- I love that you put God's word in there and it completely fits.

  10. This is what they will always remember and tell their children these stories of the tent and playing and hummus and crackers.

  11. This is a good one. Leaves me with a smile. (thank you for sharing the verse. i don't recall having read it/heard it before.)

    hope your weekend is cozy.

  12. The under side of my dining table is painted to look like flames...needless to say, this is the most popular spot in the house for cousin sleep overs.
    Its hilarious how the simple things make kids super happy!

  13. Hold on... people have childcare while they write???

    Hmm... adding that to the top of my Christmas list ;)

  14. My kids love making forts too, and I hung that verse up last week, love it! Hugs,

  15. Ha ha ha! This cracks me up because we've had the same thing going on with a new tent we bought for the boys. They have had snacks in there and have been playing in there for hours at a time. Oh and slept in it last night too...

    Anyway, SO CUTE!

  16. Oh I love it-we do forts all the time, though I've never thought to let them sleep there-that would actually be fun on a weekend night :)

  17. Oh you make me smile. You are not just a are a GREAT, fun!, totally-want-to-be-like-you mom. :)

    Forts, stuffed animals, cracker crumbs...THESE are the days we will remember (and MISS!!!!) when we are sipping tea in a quiet house. <3

  18. I love fort time! My kids have been turning their bunkbeds into forts/ships/houses/castles/dungeons/airplanes/etc. all week.

    Everyday memories in the making...

  19. You're a great mom! And blanket forts are the coolest.

  20. I love that verse! And I so wish we had a real dining room table to make forts under. You are a mom, and an incredible one at that.

  21. You are an awesome mom. I so appreciate these little glimpses into your real life. :)

    What were they doing with the boiled egg whites? Eating them?

  22. That's so amazing! I can't wait until Ari starts building forts with his new little sister.

    This was such a beautiful post.


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