November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving Days

This was last year's post. I hope to re-create it, even better, this year.

(And look how young every one is. How does that happen, in just a calendar full of days?

thanksgiving banner by Carter

thankful gobble thankful.

Grampy & Gray

that used to be me up in his lap.

read a book with Mimi

no tv but lots of books to read together.

Mimi & Ivy

where's your monkey there he is!

Ivy & Mommy

shh shh shh

hubby does the dishes

hubby does the dishes (a lot) and for this i'm very thankful.


my dad. this just in: i possibly could live just to see him happy.

we are thankful for...

what we're thankful for.

so much.


  1. Trite but true, I'm happy I found your blog :)
    Happy ThanksLIVING!

  2. wow, what a difference a year makes. We had a great day today!

  3. So lovely! Happy Thanksgiving :-)


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