November 6, 2010

tangled up in you

lulu tutu

I'm so thankful for how well Ivy can communicate.

I heard her crying out "Tangled, mama! Tangled!"

My heart leapt and I found her attached to my desk - the end of the drawer handle had somehow pierced through the middle of one of her braids, and she was caught.


Even without words

her twirls and spins and grins

and touch

speak volumes.


Over here I've posted: Time Stood Still.

Would love for you to say hello!


  1. I love when they can communicate like that. Good job mama!

  2. oh my, those pictures are frame worthy--in a series would be beautiful.

    i'm glad ivy is okay. and i totally, love how they communicate at this age. audrey amazes and surprises me with her words

    have a beautiful sunday, friend!

  3. well... i'm here visiting my parents & grandparents (as inspired by you!)... and the only time i cosleep with the kids is when i travel without my husband. they LOVE it. i LOVE the idea of it. but for practical purposes? i don't know how you do it???

  4. Awww punkin. I love when kids surprise us with their secret intelligence. I swear to you, my children are geniuses. Genii. ?

  5. looking at the photos before I finished reading I was wondering how Ivy got her tutu tangled up in the bottom of the fridge.

  6. I wish I could borrow her for the day. Or even for an hour. Heck, really, I wish I could borrow the both of you!

    We could go out for donuts, at your favorite donut shop, and something with caffeine to drink.


  7. So beautiful! She brings so much joy!


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