November 24, 2010

scenes from the winter closet

winter closet

Getting the closet winter-ready: putting away the fall jackets and flipflops and hanging all the heavy coats. Seeing what still fits.

Yo, keeping it real my closet is usually all empty hangers and an avalanche of coats and scarves and boots and bags on the bottom that pour out when the door opens.

But I hung stuff up and it looks nice and neat for now.


For every neat and straight room in my house there are three with their doors closed so you don't see the mess.

I have my piles, and I open the doors I feel comfortable with myself you looking inside.

try on

It's just easier to keep some doors closed.

For now.


  1. I only have one closed door in my house. Then again, I only have two doors, period. 50% ain't bad, right?

  2. Lately the doors I have been closing are the girls' rooms because they can get scary in the mornings when they are looking for something to wear. Thankfully I got my craft room all organized with the help of a good friend.

  3. Our coat closet sounds very similar to yours. ;)

  4. sure would be nice if the piles and messes of life would straighten themselves out on their own without a whole lot of effort and drama, wouldn't it? Here's hoping for holidays with full hangers. Love you lady.

  5. LOVE Ivy's expression in the first picture :-)

  6. I always stay on top of my children's closets in their rooms, however, the hallway closet? Disaster right now. I'm too depressed to make it look good. I hate looking at the winter gear!

  7. This is so adorable! I have 2 small ones and I like to see fun things for them... I'll be coming back, for sure.

    If you have some time, please, take a look at my new blog and let me know what you think, ok?


    Luciane at

  8. So cute! I winterized my closet the other day's that time of year!

  9. I really believe that closets are for closing the door on messes. And kids' bedrooms, too.

  10. She looks so big already! Big girl!

    I just tidied up a few shelves in my closet :)

  11. Yes it is easier for some doors to be closed.

    Oh, and Anna looked very similar to Ivy today. We were going through the winter things in the closet too. She loved the little mittens and Cindy Lou Hoo hat. Makes my heart happy to think of it. :)

  12. My whole house is on a closed-door policy right now. I really WANT to organize it all, and I start out with vim and vigor....then I get tired and want to sit down. I think I'm ready to be un-pregnant now :)

    But some doors? Yeah, it's just better they stay closed until further notice. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, sweet friend. I'm so excited to send out your package, once everything arrives here!


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