November 11, 2010


clay & lulu


was wind blew leaves down upon us as we pushed our kids on the swings

was sun-sweater warming us hot, in November!

was friends

was big leaf in her hair, somersaults through crunchy heaps

sea of leaves

was walk in the crisp wavy sea

was a good farewell

was see you real soon.


  1. This was our yesterday! So beautiful. Now it's cold and cloudy... looks like old man winter is getting ready to move in.


  2. So sweet. Days like that are days to cherish. I had the day off today with my boys and we really enjoyed spending time outside, too. It was one of those perfect days. :)

  3. Such a beautiful day today! Exactly what we did. Lots of outside playing, sunshine loving, swinging fun. :) Not ready for winter yet!

  4. I could live in this weather for the rest of my life, for serious.

  5. Makes me realize it has been a while since we have visited a park. With such a warm spell happening I should take the kiddos to play.

    Warm days, cool and chilly nights. Sigh. Love.

  6. That's precisely what I'm saying to this week ... I hope we're not strangers and I'll see you real soon.
    I cannot get over 66 degree weather in Novemeber. *Swoon*

  7. i love your writing style. so poetic and lovely.

    oh and i am jealous of that wonderful sunshine. you must have loved soaking it up.

  8. so cute.
    it really was a perfect day.

  9. so I just re-organized my reader. You fell into the folder "beautiful inspiration".

  10. Lovely.

    I'm so happy that your life is full of good friends.

    P.S. For some reason, this post reminds me of "You Are My I Love You" by Maryann Cusimano. Have you read it?


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