November 19, 2010

Jack Junch

grand reflection

I am here.

At the Amway Grand Plaza Hotel and it is indeed
grand. The drive was beautiful, absolutely perfect. (Especially after picking up my fabulous friend Meagan on the way.)

Could I be swayed to love the ride to Grand Rapids more than Chicago? Quite possibly. It's much closer than I thought, and lovely. And way better billboards.

I checked in and hung up my clothes, put my jammies in a drawer, jumped on my all-to-myself bed and turned on Pandora. It is very peaceful here.

In a bit I'll get dressed up and we'll be off to the International Food & Wine Festival.

(In case I forget to mention it, Experience Grand Rapids is treating me to this all-expense paid weekend. You can follow along here & here. I am so thankful for this getaway.)

I heard back at home that everyone is doing just fine. Actually having a blast... what a good day.

This morning Carter was making a peanut butter sandwich to take for sack lunch and
Ivy said Carter you taking a jack junch?

It can exist... me loving and being mother and not being there every.single.moment. Well, of course it exists, but, until now I didn't find it very comfortable. I am on my way. I am almost there.


  1. Have a fabulous time Steph!

  2. Enjoy Steph . . . you DESERVE it!
    Aunt Diane

  3. The room looks grand!! And, so does that view!


  4. You are about 10-15 mins away from me right now! GR is my hometown and I still live in a suburb. Amway is a lovely hotel with a great view. Glad things are going well at home! ENJOY you stay! :)

  5. Sitting here at my computer with my pom-poms!!

    Enjoy yourself sweets!

  6. Enjoy your time! Grand Rapids is my hometown! Well, technically, Hudsonville is, but close enough!

  7. Enjoy every last minute of it. You deserve it!

  8. you get to be there with meagan too?! lucky duck!

  9. Have a great time! I am eagerly following along, working up to the first time I will be away from my own 2-year-old.

  10. How fun! I used to go to the Amway to attend Hearts at Home conferences :)

    Have a great time :)

  11. Your trip looks fun!!! Enjoy!!!

  12. Steph, we are so glad to have you in Grand Rapids! I am learning so much from all of you!

  13. You have a wonderful time. I like to remember that this kind of time -- what you're doing right now -- is part of making me a good mom and a good wife.
    We have to feed our souls in these ways, too.

  14. I have stayed at the Amway before! Both with and without kids. I have 4 girls and they thought we were in a castle! So glad that you had a wonderful time!
    Katrina, MI

  15. Good for you!! I'm so glad you are having fun.

  16. International Food & Wine Festival! That sounds FUN. Did you sample any wines that were to-die-for?

    I don't feel comfortable leaving my littles yet, but I'm sure I'll get to where you are eventually.

  17. SO COOL you came to G-Rapds and stayed at the Amway Grand! It's very close to where I live - my kids love the 'fancy hotel'. Glad you had a good time here!


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