October 9, 2010

Something Fierce


She picked these socks out at Target. And then put them on all by herself.

I'm feeling lots of ups and downs and ups and downs lately, overwhelmed, tired, derailed, scatter-brained, nervous, confused, sad, bummed out about a lot of things I am hesitant to write about even though I think it might make me feel better, and also make me make more sense.

Maybe I will.
Probably I won't. Or I'll end up being super cryptic. Sigh.

It's my 11th wedding anniversary today. We're celebrating with pancakes and peaches and whipped cream and I can smell it now (hubs is cooking!) This is an up.


  1. i'm in the same up and down boat. we can share the things we wouldn't want shared publicly through email if you want.
    i need to write it too.
    but i can't.
    or maybe i should just email myself.
    complete with pictures.
    oh ... and ...
    those socks. beautiful.
    she sure knows how to "make it work".

  2. Ups and downs, life is a roller coaster, isn't it? She is ADORABLE in those socks. And the shoes, I love too. Feel better! (And happy anniversary!)

  3. hee-hee! The girls do the same thing. They are getting so crazy with clothes. I love it! {most of the time}

    Happy Anniversary, we'll have our 11th coming up soon.

    sorry you're feeling down... i'm always here to talk if you want! {grin}


  4. Love those socks.

  5. Her dress is uber adorable.

    And coming from a family whose parents were divorced by the time I was 11 (my husband's when he was 2) eleven years with a beautiful family is an AMAZING accomplishment.

    Hugs, lady. I'm around if you ever need an ear.

  6. Pancakes, peaches AND whipped cream...what a GREAT way to start the day. Happy Anniversary!

  7. Happy anniversary!

    I feel like you mention some days too, I find writing makes me feel better and then instead of pressing "publish" I erase it all and post a cute pictures of our daughter :-) Just the act of writing this down is liberating but something I do keep for myself for my own reason.

    maybe a journal, like a old school one, made of paper could do us both good :-)

    i love Ivy's dress, it had a vintage look to it that I love! and her socks oh so cute!

    What could I pray for you today?

    Much love

  8. Happy Anniversary!!!

    (Here's an up for you) You have the most adorable family!! I love seeing your blog in my feed.

  9. I'm sorry you're feeling lousy today. But is there anything I can pray for you as well? If I lived closer, I'd bake you some of my famous vegan cupcakes, which may sound grody, but are wickedly delicious in every way. And you should most definitely write it out, whether on here or in private. Writing is a refuge for those of us that love it, and your talent is a testament to your love of words and language. Sending you peace and happiness, happy anniversary wishes, and very much love :)

  10. My Jessica is getting that way about clothes too.

    I am feeling it too these days...I think it is normal...write it out...you don't have to publish.

    Sending prayers your way.
    Happy Anniversary!


  11. Happy Anniversary :)
    Sending you some hugs, Steph.

  12. Happy Anniversary!! Enjoy your pancakes!!

  13. I hear ya sister! Today is the down for me. Sucks to be down on such a beautiful, sunny day. At least we know we're not alone on this rollercoaster, eh?

  14. Happy Anniversary! I love the socks. Also, it's hard when you don't feel great mentally. It is usually better to get it out. I actually started my blog as a secret blog. My old blog family members new about. I didn't feel comfortable writing there so I started the blog I have now and didn't tell one person about it (except my husband, who very very rarely reads it). It's nice to get to know new people who I don't really know through it. I can be completely honest with how I feel.

  15. Happy Anniversary!!! Take a break and have some fun with that funny little sock girl of yours!!!

  16. I love this. And you. I didn't even know today was your anniversary! I can't believe you brought me cupcakes on YOUR anniversary.

  17. Happy Anniversary. Awesome socks--she has great taste!

  18. Happy Anniversary - Mommy and Daddy will celebrate 2 years on Tuesday! :)

  19. Every day is that for me. I never know when I'll be up or down It can even change within the day. Sucks. I hate it. I miss the me before this disease took over.

    Whatever the reason for your ups and downs, ups and downs are real and totally are no fun. HUGS to you.


  20. Happy Anniversary!

    I hope you find some peace soon. Most times you can find it just by looking within. Unclutter the soul. Even if you just write in a journal to clear your head. I'll send up a little prayer for you to find it soon.

  21. that little girl and her purple socks- it's just too much. she is so cute!
    hmm...I know the feeling of wanting to write to sort out the stuff inside. I don't really know how to do it. so I just don't really do it.
    now, when YOU do it, when you write about this kind of stuff- you seem to be able to put into words what a lot of us are struggling with too. your thoughts always seems to help me. whether you write it out or not, I hope things start feeling sorted and right very soon.
    and happy anniversary! so thankful to know you guys!

  22. Happy Anniversary! Hope you enjoyed the pancakes!

    I hope the ups and downs become a little less...well...up and down. There are times when steady and "boring" doesn't seem so bad after all.

    Enjoy your Sunday!

  23. I think the very recognition of your ups and downs means that you'll be alright, mama.

    Sending you happy thoughts this Thanksgiving weekend <3 And happy anniversary! 11 years... my gosh I'll be stunned and shocked the day that number arrives in my world...

  24. oh no she did not. i love her. i wish i saw you guys more often.

  25. Ohhh Happy Anniversary! And what a darling little girl - I can just imagine how pleased she was with picking out her own socks! :) Little kids love that independence so much, right? :)

  26. i wrote a post the other day [for the 1st time ever] that i'll probably never publish. actually your e-mail to me shortly after i wrote it confirmed everything that the post said/was about, but i never got around to writing you back because much more important things happened & i'm so glad all our prayers/energy went there.
    i want to delete this comment because i feel like it is totally cryptic and doesn't make sense.
    anyway...happy anniversary. love the socks.

  27. Happy Anniversary! Lifes ups and downs. We all go through it and it usually doesn't last too long. Hope yours is on the upswing soon. Enjoy your pancakes.

  28. Yeah for happy anniversaries! What a little doll you have there. So adorable!

  29. wish you a blessed anniversary....i got ups and downs to especially today.....but been another tiring week complete with lack ofsleep. I know this pregnant state will soon be over but its really putting me down these last few months. How long can January take to arrive?

  30. Happy anniversary. I hope you two have so many more celebrations, so many more ups.

  31. Happy Anniversary! Eleven years is something to be proud of. Hope you had a great day! We're approaching our one year wedding anniversary this month (on Halloween). :)

  32. Ivy was destined to be a fashion maverick!

  33. Happy anniversary. Love the Pedipeds; Chloe has the same pair and purple socks definitely rock the outfit.

    Motherhood {and life} is full of ups and downs. Hang in there. That's the beauty of blogging friendships. You can put *it* 'out there' when you don't even know what you want to put out there.
    Then you can sit back and accept the {hugs}.

  34. Yesterday was our eleventh anniversary, too! Happy anniversary to y'all!

  35. Happy belated Anniversary! We are right behind you. 11 years for us in a few weeks too. Where did THAT time go??

    Hope today is an "up". xo

  36. Happy Anniversary!

    and thanks for being the true you on your blog...it's the reason I always come back and get excited about every single one of your posts.

  37. Happy Belated Anniversary Steph! I think that was a perfect way to celebrate with the pancakes :).

    Big ((HUGS))! I am feeling all kinds of emotions lately too.

  38. She's such a pretty little gal :)

  39. I always enjoy the authenticity of your posts. Your blog is truly one-of-a-kind.



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