October 10, 2010

Put A Sling On 'Em

I had to post Leigh's video once more...

I came to remind you that today is the last day to enter the Babywearing Call to Action giveaway. (contest has now ended- congrats to Allie of Curvatude!) I hope you're having a lovely International Babywearing Week, and also happy ten ten ten!

Ok, can't resist. Another one! (by sara sophia) :

(These videos were entries in the Sakura Bloom Triathlon I hosted last year. Check out the other awesome videos here.)

Link up & enter to win a Sakura Bloom sling for the Babywearing Call to Action.


  1. Love that you did the Call to Action, Stephanie. Really, it's so important, and you reach so many moms. We're getting ready today here in Lake County, IL to celebrate IBW with a huge celebration today. {We're raffling off a SK among other carriers.} Hoping to spread the love and help other families reap the benefits. {And I should have invited, like, a week ago. Where's my head!?}

  2. that was, quite possibly, the best interwebs contest ever. just had to say.

  3. our 4 months old LOVED the put a sling on'em video, it was hilarious to see attentive she was looking at it LOL

  4. both very cool! Thanks for sharing

  5. Oh my gosh, the first video is so cute!

    Love it!

  6. I loved these last year, and I love them again today. I don't know where I'd be without babywearing. It saved my sanity with my daughter, when I had PPD really badly.

  7. The first one was adorable!

    Today, for the first time ever, daddy and I both wore the littles. What fun. I need to get a better picture of my husband. He was always a little bit of a babywearing skeptic and at 6'8" finding something that worked took a little work :) He's a convert now though. Just in time too since #3 is on the way.

  8. "This Put A Ring On It is much better." - Aisling

  9. well, i missed the babywearing call to action, but all this talk has me interested in figuring out how to use my hotsling.


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