October 1, 2010

October ONE

Whoa, September and her 30 days. It's October.


I decided to do individual photos this time since I got a pretty good group shot the other day. And also both Gray and Ivy were still asleep this morning when Noah & Carter got on the bus for school! This never happens! But I do hope it becomes a trend.

october noah
Noah might be getting a hair cut today. Only if he wants to.

ready for my book carter

Carter specifically asked for a copy of this photo for his new book. He wrote and illustrated and bound it (viva la scotch tape!) and everything. It even hints at being part of a series, with more titles to come. He left it on the bus and the bus driver drove in her own car to deliver it last night. Oh my goodness.

She said it looked special and important.

october gray
Gray turns 5 next week.

He's my little "marker" because soon after he was born, so was this blog.

october ivy
Puhshaw, don't you know? She has no time for this stinkin camera.

Ivy does this thing where we'll be hanging out and all of a sudden she grabs my face in both hands and says excitedly, "Mommy, you home!" and she is so incredibly genuine to have me right there with her in that moment. Like, I'm so glad you're here!

Me, too.

Happy happy October.

On the 1st day of every month I take photos of my children. .You can see previous month one photos here


  1. I heart your family something fierce.

    *soul hum*

  2. Sweet post with some adorable pictures! Can't believe your Gray will be 5 soon?! You still had him in the sling when I first found your blog! :) Happy HAPPY October indeed!!!

  3. Wow it's amazing how Carter and Noah looks so grown up in thees picture!!!! Gray is turning 5 already and oh, dear little Ivy is adorable as usual!!!

    Love Ivy's dress where did you get this one?

  4. Oh Happy day indeed. I love all the smiles! Just a side note, I clicked on Ivy's picture because I remembered you label what she is wearing in Flickr. Oh that's so smart and I am so proud I remembered.
    Happy Friday friend, enjoy your family this weekend!

  5. Ivy looks so grownup. The others do too, but not in the startling "she's really really not a baby anymore is she?" kind of way.

    I'm so glad her arm isn't broken. I bet she is too - a cast is pretty limiting!

  6. Her dress is by Matilda Jane but I found it at a resale shop!! :)


  7. how sweet that the bus driver cares so much to not only save it, but bring it to him. Sadly I know many a bus drivers around here that would have grumbed about it being left on the bus & then tossed it in the trash. So kudos to her!!

    Loving the monthly photos. It is amazing to see how much they have grown since you started just a bit ago.

  8. They all look so BIG Steph! *sigh* And I love that Ivy does that and says that to you. What a sweetie!

    And today has major meaning for me since it's K's 1st Birthday. I cannot believe October ONE is already here...

  9. I love the fact that Carter knows the image he wants on his book! I think that is fantastic!

    And that picture of Ivy is beautiful. The face pulling thing she does, my daughter has just started doing that to me too! Not the words (since she still speaks Italian or German or something else...) but when I get home from work, we have our nursing session and every so often she will pop off, sit up, grab my face say something, give me a kiss and go back to nursing. I just love it.

  10. Happy october!!!

    I just love your blog so much, and your kiddos look all big and handsome/beautifull!

    many hugs from Brazil

  11. Love, love, love the pictures! I have an October baby, too! Our #4, Ms. Lovebug, will be celebrating her golden birthday on the 8th. I am amazed! How did she get so big on me?!?!?!

  12. I just love this post...the little anecdotes about each child. So beautiful. And how proud are you of your little writer?! How cool to see his gift/passion blossom so early!

  13. every time i see your pictures i think ... jeesh. i really should do that. like really really.
    and then i don't.
    but i'm going to start, m-k?
    now i just have to remember.
    maybe i should do mine on the 2nd. so i'll see yours first.

  14. I love these shots so much!!

    And WOW, what a nice bus driver!

  15. Great shots. Isn't digital photography wonderful

  16. Love all the pics. I can see them growing up before my eyes.

  17. What a wonderful bus driver! That's what I call going "above and beyond." :)

    Your kids are all adorable - as always.



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